WNAMM04: Reason 2.5 Masterclass, ReCycle 2.1 and more...

What's new with the Props      30/01/04

WNAMM04: Reason 2.5 Masterclass, ReCycle 2.1 and more...

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Swedish software gurus Propellerheads had a few releases for the show (see below) but possibly the biggest news is that they managed to poach James Bernard from Korg. If you've followed our previous show coverage, you'll know James as one of the best product specialists & demonstrators in the business - he's also been heavily involved with voicing and sound programming for products such as the Electribe Series, Triton, Karma, Trinity, Prophecy and MS2000.
We wish him and the Props a happy union ;-)
James gave us a three-minute wig-out with Reason, and then went on to demonstrate two of the new features in Reason 2.5 - Scream 4 and the BV512 Vocoder - well worth watching. Press blurbs follow...
  • ReCycle 2.1 Released
    "ReCycle 2.1 is now a suite of tools that include Reason Adapted, (a Reason version streamlined for loop composition that includes Dr. REX, REX2 file player, a mixer, effects, the NN-XT sampler plus the Reason Sampler) and the Reload utility for importing Akai samples. The combination of three applications (ReCycle, Reason Adapted and Reload) provide the user with everything they need for working with loops and grooves—all the way from ripping Akai Cds to Rewire-ing fully edited and treated loops into Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic and more. In addition, ReCycle 2.1 can now leverage the advanced technologies of Mac OS X.

    "Pricing and availability: ReCycle 2.1 is now available at Propellerhead Software Dealers worldwide for MSRP US$ 229/Euro$ 229. ReCycle 2.1 is a free update for registered users of Recycle 2.0 with a CD and will be available as a download on the Propellerheads’ website."

  • Teaching Music with Reason
    "Propellerhead Software today announced Teaching Music with Reason, a curriculum for music education based on Reason. Based on a specially adapted version of Reason, the curriculum is designed for use by high school teachers in class music lessons. It can also be used as a basis for college level introductory modules in Music or Music Technology. Teaching Music with Reason is the first combination of software and curriculum combined in order to provide educators with complete integrated solution.

    Teaching Music with Reason is a comprehensive package containing material for two semesters with 21 complete lessons, teacher’s lesson preparation material, teaching plans, student worksheets, student ‘How-to…’ guides, song files in contemporary styles, a full featured Reason version for the teacher and ten Reason Adapted student versions.

    Teaching Music with Reason will be available during Q1 2004 from Reason dealers and distributors worldwide. Price: TBA."

  • Rex 2 Format opened to third-parties
    "REX2 is a flexible file format for sampled grooves that is created by Propellerheads’ ReCycle application. To create REX2 files, ReCycle 2.1 slices up samples into rhythmic segments. The effect of this is that the loop becomes tempo independent. One can edit its components freely to "rebuild" the loop, and the timing information in the recording (the musician's "groove" and "feel") can be applied to other (sequenced) elements of the music. Since its release in 1994, musicians working in loop-based genres such as Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, and Electronica have come to rely heavily on ReCycle for creative loop manipulation.

    In the past, major Developers such as Steinberg and Emagic applied for and obtained a license to support REX playback in their applications. Now as an open format, any manufacturer, large or small, can support REX playback in their applications.

    Third-party manufacturers are encouraged to download REX2 developer documentation. Implementing the Propellerheads REX2 file format in other applications or hardware is free of charge. Further information about the REX2 file format is available at www.propellerheads.se/developer

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