SNAMM04: Digitech GNX4 Now In Stores

Modeling digital effects processor and 8-track too      23/07/04

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SNAMM04: Digitech GNX4 Now In Stores
GNX4 - astonishing capabilities

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The GNX4 appears to do almost everything, not only is it a fully-featured multi-modeling digital effects processor, portable digital 8-track recorder, MIDI sequencer/drum machine, MP3 player, USB audio computer interface, world-class drum machine and more, but it's combined into a single floor-pedal style unit. In fact there is so much to the GNX4, I'd better let them explain... GNX4 Guitar Workstation Concept
The GNX4 shows DigiTech's concept of Guitar Workstation technology. This unit not only integrates advanced hands-free guitar processing, recording, and performance tools, but also offers the ease and functionality of a standard PC or Mac Graphical User Interface (GUI). Furthermore, users may create and edit sounds that can then be saved and shared with other users accessing DigiTech's already extensive online Sound Community. As a guitar processor, the GNX4 utilizes DigiTech's Multi Modeling Technology to provide unlimited amplifier modeling possibilities, shaping and control. Based on a custom designed Audio DNA DSP chip, the GNX4 technology incorporates 24-bit processing to create 15 guitar and 10 bass amplifier models which serve as the basis for 80 Preset and 80 User-definable internal patches (expandable by another 80 via optional Compact Flash memory card). Users may then employ the Warp control to blend in a second amplifier model, creating a new and unique Hypermodel. The new user-created amplifier model can then be saved and further blended with other models or Hypermodels for an infinite amount of possibilities. Guitarists will savor combining their favorite amplifier tone with studio-quality effects processing including 15 classic stomp box effects, as well as DigiTech's exclusive YaYa, AutoYa, Talker SynthTalk and Whammy pedal effects for extraordinary tone-shaping combinations. The GNX4's internal digital 8-track recorder may also be used as an 8-part looping device for creating expansive, multi-layered parts. Patches can further be edited, transferred, and archived via computer utilizing the included X-Edit Editor-Librarian software. The GNX4 also incorporates DigiTech's exclusive CIT (Cabinet Imaging Technology) feature, providing a variety of speaker cabinet configuration models, and allowing for simultaneous onstage amplifier connection and speaker-simulated output for connecting directly to a PA or recording device via dual XLR and balanced 1/4" outputs. The GNX4 Guitar Workstation goes beyond advanced performance features, modeling, and effects, offering the user a fully-integrated professional recording/processing software bundle. Using the internal USB interface in conjunction with the included Pro Tracks Plus(PC) and BIAS Deck SE(Mac) recording software enables four channels of 24-bit audio to be streamed to the computer while playing two channels back, all with zero latency monitoring. Hands-free 8-track recording is made possible via the optional GNXFC controller, A studio-quality dbx mic pre with +48V phantom power and stereo line inputs allow professional recording of virtually any audio source with ease. For the finishing touch, mixes may be processed through world-class Lexicon reverbs courtesy of the Pantheon plug-in provided with both recording software packages. For recording outside of the studio, the built-in digital 8-track recorder can be used to capture and save audio onto a Compact Flash memory card for transfer to computer at a later time. The GNX4 features an advanced MIDI drum machine, including 100 patterns and styles to provide accompaniment utilizing 8 high quality drum kits or user-supplied MIDI files. Other extras include an MP3 player and chromatic tuner. The unit also features 8 pedals including an expression for real-time control, as well as multiple LCD displays for clear viewing of modeling, effects, and recording under any lighting. GNX4 Guitar Workstation users can log-on to
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