Roland's New G-70 Flagship Arranger Has It All

They've used all the latest Roland technologies      18/11/04

Roland's New G-70 Flagship Arranger Has It All
The new G-70 - the best of Roland technologies in one box

The new G-70 flagship arranger/ music workstation which uses the very best of Roland’s brand-new technologies, takes its name from two of Roland’s well respected keyboard products – the E70 and G800. The G-70 is the result of a global collaboration between UK and Japanese R+D teams and consultation with end users. At the heart of the G-70 is an entirely new sound engine which offers a massive 192MB of Wave Rom memory with 128-voice polyphony. It boasts the best sounds from the Roland library, as well as the latest and most expressive piano sound Roland has yet produced, from the Fantom range. Even more sounds can be added via Roland’s acclaimed series of SRX expansion boards. Featuring many of the sounds from the world’s top studios, these boards allow the G-70 to be customised with sampler-quality sounds but without the loading time. The G-70’s arranger section includes 270 completely new styles, many of which have been recorded using live studio musicians, as well as the renowned Cover and Makeup Tools, allowing you to invent thousands of different styles. However, the greatest innovation of the arranger section is a new technology called “Adaptive Chord Voicing”, which creates an unbelievably natural voicing arrangement. To reproduce the feeling of a real Harmonic bar organ, the G70 comes with 9 sliders physically linked to 3D animated Virtual Harmonic Bars in the colour display. Featuring the same Tone Wheel technology found in Roland’s VK organ products, these physical sliders enable you to use proper organ technique to change the sounds in real time without having to re-sound the notes. In addition, the G-70 features a weighted Pro-Action keyboard, a full-colour LCD touch screen, score and lyric display, a 16-track sequencer, mastering tools derived from the legendary VS Pro Audio range, Vocal Harmonist, Music Assistant and a useful Finder function. The control panel even boasts a record number of buttons, switches and sliders for easy navigation! A huge 50MB internal memory is included, as well as a floppy disk drive, and a memory card slot that supports many current devices, such as Smart Media and Compact Flash. This information is preliminary, keep your eyes peeled at for more details


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