Edirol R-1 Mini Recorder Ships

Super nifty 2-track MP3/WAV      17/01/05

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Edirol R-1 Mini Recorder Ships
I’ll take two!

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The R-1 Mini Recorder has now left the building – but you’d better be quick, they’re in demand – as we found to our cost when we tried to get hold of a couple! Edirol have been inundated by requests since it was first announced, indeed the BBC have reportedly been testing them for use with their field reporters. The ability to record in native MP3 format makes the resulting files easily beamed in via mobile phones from anywhere in the world. But that’s not all the diminuative R-1 is capable of - the R-1 is equipped with two hi-grade electret mics, external line and mic inputs for quick and clean stereo capture. In addition, the R-1 contains a 24-bit internal effects processor which includes Mic Simulation through Roland's COSM technology, Noise Reducer, Hum Cut, 10-band EQ, Reverb, Center Cancel and more. For music education applications it also includes a Metronome, Tuner, half-speed playback, and A-B repeat to loop one section of an audio file. The R-1 stores files directly to Compact Flash allowing convenient access and memory capacity up to 4GB. It comes bundled with a 64MB CF card which allows a maximum record time of 130 minutes (MP3, 64 kbps mode). A 2GB CF card will provide storage capacity for over 2 hours of 24-bit/44.1kHz WAV recordings or over 69 hours of MP3 storage at the R-1's highest compression level of 64kbs. The R-1 also offers a USB2.0 port to quickly transfer files to and from the computer. At maximum resolution (24-bit/44.1kHz) the R-1 can transfer a 60 minute file (908 MB) to the computer in just three minutes. The R-1 includes a headphone jack that doubles as a S/PDIF Optical output, allowing the R-1 to stream digital audio directly to digital monitor speakers, such as the EDIROL MA-15D, MA-10D, MA-20D or DAT/CD/MD recorders. At 4"x5.5" and weighing in at 10 oz (including 2x AA batteries and CF), the R-1 is carefully designed with handpicked electronic parts chosen for premium sound quality throughout the signal path. Suggested retail price is $550 with immediate availability.
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