New VST Drum Brain From Rayzoon

Acoustic drum brain emulates human drummer      18/01/05

New VST Drum Brain From Rayzoon

Rayzoon Technologies has announced Jamstix, a VSTi "acoustic drum brain" that emulates a human drummer that the user can jam with in real-time. It has its own sound engine but it can also sub-host other drum VSTis, such as BFD or DFH Superior, bringing a whole new level of interactivity and expressiveness. Jamstix is scheduled for release for Windows in March/April 2005 at an estimated price of US$99. Features:
A VST acoustic drum brain that can jam with you and your music like a human drummer would. Recognizes what and how you play and interacts with you to give you very realistic drum tracks. Steroids for your creativity! Built-in high-quality multi-velocity drum sample player with controllable ambience and bounce samples Integrated VST sub-host allows usage of any VSTi drum synthesizer, such as BFD?, NI Battery? and DFH Superior?. Combine the sounds of your favorite drum plugin with the jam power and realism of the jamstix brain! Extensive, unparalleled jamming capability. Analyzes input (live MIDI or sequence) in real-time and develops rhythms and adjusts parameters instantaneously, giving you the feel of playing with a human drummer Limb-Priority-Control mechanism ensures that the output is at all times playable by a human drummer. You can layer rhythms and fills and accents as you wish and never have to worry about whether the result sounds realistic Built-in arranger allows easy control of rhythms,intros,fills and endings in sync with your sequencer Easy-to-use but powerful rhythm controls allow you to modify or create rhythms. Comes with a library of hundreds of rhythms ready to use Choose between free jam mode which creates new rhythms from scratch in real-time or key word jam, which is based on preset rhythms selected through key words Incredibly realistic drumming with just a few mouse clicks thanks to features such as velocity variance, auto-cymbals, random accents, probable notes and automatic switch rules, such as ride over hihat on high velocity, sidestick over snare on low velocity, no-ghosting on low velocity etc. Extensive pitch and velocity mapping allows the adaptation of any key layout Four separate outputs with compression MIDI output to host sequencer as well as export to MIDI file for maximum flexibility $99 introductory price

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