WNAMM05: Studiophonik Virtual Band

Plug-in workstation puts the band in your control room      20/01/05

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WNAMM05: Studiophonik Virtual Band

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IK Multimedia unveils Studiophonik™, the first studio instrument workstation designed to bring the realism and control of the sound of a band in a studio. During the 2005 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA, Studiophonik™ will be demonstrated for the first time on the main stage of IK Multimedia booth #6620. With a focus mainly on guitars, bass and drums with the addition of some choice pianos, organs and a full horn section sampled by world class sound developer Sonic Reality, Studiophonik™ offers more variety of different key band instruments than any other sound module. This, combined with IK’s advanced sample playback engine and fully integrated rack of modeled tube compressors, limiters, analog EQ and other high quality console and outboard effects puts you in the producer’s seat with the ultimate tools for recreating a virtual band in your sequencer. The widest range of custom and vintage guitars and drums! Studiophonik™ offers an unprecedented variety of different vintage and custom brand instruments to choose from. Instantly pull up acoustic drum kits and mix and match snares, kicks, toms and cymbals from some of the most desirable brands. Create a virtual band in the studio with the authentic sound of almost any era, from the 60’s through today! Because of the intense focus on rock, pop and jazz ensemble instruments like guitar, bass, drums, keys and horns, Studiophonik™’s 2 DVD, 7GB sound set offers the widest range of “character instruments”. These include instrument brands used by famous recording and performing artists throughout the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s to today. Mix between different mics, alternate pick-ups and other studio controls. Many Studiophonik™ sounds offer enhanced control over the mic balance between dry and room or direct and overheads for drums. This combined with integrated top quality studio effects processing lets you tailor the sound in ways that have never before been available in a sound module in hardware or software. It’s like having 5 powerful virtual instrument plug-ins in one. While there are dedicated instrument plug-ins for drums, guitars, bass, pianos, organs and horns out there, Studiophonik™ gives you all of those together in one plug-in for the same price with an incredible amount of flexible control and high-end sound one would expect from a dedicated instrument plug-in. For both the producer/engineer and for the musician who just wants to play, write and record. Studiophonik™ is truly a producer’s secret weapon for doing any budget music project with the fastest speed possible and all with no sacrifice on realism, quality and authenticity. The look and feel of a high-end studio. Studiophonik™ has the look and feel of a killer studio console with easy to use sound editing all from one screen! No need to flip through manuals. Just like classic studio gear this module is intuitive and quick to pick up and get going on your session. Works as a plug-in for every major platform on Mac and PC. Allows users to integrate this powerful studio instrument sound source into the sequencing environment of their choice, such as Protools®, Cubase™, Logic™, Digital Performer™, Sonar™ and more. Can be used to expand your SampleTank® 2 sound system. Studiophonik™ sounds are also compatible with the powerful SampleTank® 2 sample workstation environment. Studiophonik™ is expected to be released in the spring of 2005. MSRP will be $/Euro 399 and will be available exclusively from IK Multimedia and its distributor and dealer network worldwide.
  • www.studiophonik.com
  • www.ikmultimedia.com

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