WNAMM05: TimeWarp 2600 Get's It Sooo Right

Arp 2600 emulation fully component modeled and sounds wicked.      27/01/05

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WNAMM05: TimeWarp 2600 Get's It Sooo Right
Separated at birth?

The TimeWarp 2600 from Way Out Ware is a real tour de force, there were several top synth dudes extolling it�s praises at the show. We went along for ourselves to see what the fuss was about and found a really excellent component modeled Arp waiting to greet us. A lot of heavy maths went into the creation of the TimeWarp 2600, and it shows. Way Out Ware are so confident of their work that they had it side by side with an original 2600 for comparison � from what we heard, they had reason to be. Jim Heintz, the TimeWarp�s creator, started out repairing ARPs and got to know them pretty well. So he decided to make one in software. Enlisting the talents of a pure maths expert, they worked on component modeling the Arp from the ground up. Alan R Pearlman, the original creator of the 2600 has been consulted along the way so one could say that is endorsed by him. The emulation focuses on the realistic re-creation of the 2600 with very smooth oscillators and no audible aliasing. There have been a few improvements though, the spring reverb being one area coming in for some TLC. The story goes that lead developer Jim Heintz was talking with Alan R Pearlman and saying that he wanted to make sure he captured the original character � Alan was reported to have said �Why would you want to recreate that piece of s**t?� The original spring being full of unpleasant frequency peaks. So they improved it�s quality, making it smoother � although it still retains it�s �slightly rubbish� character, it�s smoother. The Plug-in is available in RTAS format with CoreAudio and VST to come shortly.
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