MESSE05: New Stereo Reverb For TC PowerCore

Non Linear Effects Reverb Introduced      07/04/05

TC Electronic have introduced the NonLin2 Stereo Effects Reverb for PowerCore, the second reverb ported directly from TC's System 6000 and made available for DAWs.
NonLin2 is an effects reverb capable of generating compact vocal ambience, dramatic drum sounds, percussive sounds, reverse reverbs and completely new and twisted effects. The new PowerCore plug-in is especially suited for drums, and because of the amplitude envelope feature, gated reverbs need no triggering when working with other kinds of audio signals like vocals.
NonLin2 features 20 reverb types and 20 twist types respectively, all of which are accessible via the intuitive user interface. Fully flexible presets and customizable focus fields from System 6000 facilitate easy start-up. The 20 styles of reverb all have their own flavor and different features with regards to density, diffusion type, spectral response, stereo image etc. The 20 twist types determine which type of funky effect treatment is used on the reverb and help to spark imagination in the mix process. NonLin2 is able to create sounds that bring reverberation into new sonic realms, and can be used with any VST, AU or RTAS* compatible audio system. With the introduction of NonLin2, TC Electronic has made yet another high-end reverb from TCís System 6000 available for DAW users, and the built-in preset converter even allows for seamless import of NonLin2 presets from the System 6000. NonLin2 will be shipping in April 2005 at EUR 295 retail ex. VAT. The PowerCore Platform
The PowerCore platform offers a superior range of plug-ins that run on tailor-made hardware. There are three different PowerCore solutions:
  • PowerCore Compact, a selection of 12 quality plug-ins with a portable FireWire hardware processor
  • PowerCore FireWire, a larger package with 14 plug-ins and a 19î FireWire rack unit
  • PowerCore PCI mkII, a powerful and newly enhanced PCI card with 14 plug-ins. The PowerCore platform integrates with any VST, AU or RTAS* compatible audio system. * RTAS (ProTools) is supported via the VST to RTAS adapter from FXpansion (optional). More info on
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