MESSE05: Edirol Visual Synthesizer Launched

CG-8 uses images as oscillators      12/04/05

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MESSE05: Edirol Visual Synthesizer Launched
Edirol CG-8

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Edirol continue to expand their video range with the addition of the new CG-8 Visual Synthesizer. Edirol are very excited about this new product - in fact they held a massive launch party at a swanky club with VJ artists 4YOUREYE and dj phish performing to show off it's capabilities, they reckon:
"Just as synthesis in music prompted new waves of musical creativity so the CG-8 is set to do the same for the visual artist. In a musical context, a sampling synthesizer takes audio in or regenerates it from a wave generator and then modulates it with filters and amplifiers before outputting the sound." The synth comparisson is interesting as they have clearly nabbed a couple of Roland parts to gived the user the same touch pad thingy as the V-synth and sporting simillar knob controllers too. The CG-8 can take in still images, create motion pictures from these and then modulate them with Modifiers and Fade Controllers. Designed to enhance live performance in today's merging world of audio and visual, the CG-8 will allow DJ's, musicians and visual artists to create stunning visual creations by easily operating knobs and controllers, just like synthesizers. Starting from Picture files (JPEG's) as the prime source, Stamp files (PNG) for overlays and then using built-in Computer Graphics effects, all stored on the internal 40GB hard drive, the CG-8 can add over 200 motion effects, plus a further 60 overlay effects, before sending the output signal to the Image Modifiers which will let you add further motion along X/Y/Z axes and control background color/hue shifting. The final modulation can also be set for rate, depth and waveform just like the LFO in a music synthesizer. Capture of the initial Picture and Stamp files is straightforward via USB Compact Flash card reader. You can choose to operate the CG-8 from twin D-beam controllers, an assignable X-Y pad, optional foot controllers, individual control knobs, and the 16 onboard trigger pads (also capable of storing patches). Connection with audio sources is also a key component of the CG-8. The CG-8 audio input, with adjustable frequency selectable peak detection, will allow your visuals to modulate based on the incoming signal with several effects especially designed to respond to audio cues. CG-8 is also fully MIDI compatible and will support Edirol and Roland V-LINK enabled instruments. Worldwide debut of the CG-8 is scheduled on April 6, 2005 at the Cocoon Club in Frankfurt at 8:00 pm with international vj artist 4YOUREYE and dj phish. Available early summer around 4000 euros

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