SNAMM05: Edirol- New V-LINK Compatible Visual Performance Package

Edirol and Digitalstage collaborate      22/07/05
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SNAMM05: Edirol- New V-LINK Compatible Visual Performance Package
Christian gives Sonic the VJ treatment

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VJs are slowly getting a foothold in the club scene, and Edirol are certainly doing their bit to get their feet in the door.
Latest is a collaboration with Digitalstage to offer a hardware controller for Motion Dive software.

Looks pretty neat, too. We asked Christian Delfino to give us a spin - checkout the vid.

And for the Press Release fans, here's the blurb:-

Edirol announced a new visual performance package for the visual artist and performing musician. Designed in collaboration with Digitalstage, the EDIROL "motion dive .tokyo performance package" is the combination of Digitalstage's world-famous motion dive .tokyo software and a specially designed console, the MD-P1. This console represents the first time MIDI control of motion dive is possible.
motion dive .tokyo software takes a unique approach to visual performance by using a familiar DJ style interface that allows for the mixing of two visual sources with a DJ style crossfader, switches and effects.
Edirol created a unique USB powered console specifically for motion dive .tokyo. The MD-P1 Console duplicates the software interface of motion dive and adds the benefit of being able to manipulate multiple parameters at the same time. The MD-P1 Console was conceived for use with notebook computers with side placement of connectors, and a small portable design.
The MD-P1 Console also features a MIDI input port for connection of V-LINK compatible Roland instruments and workstations as well as EDIROL controllers. By activating the V-LINK function on the instrument, pre-programmed settings are called up for instant integration with motion dive .tokyo, giving the musician control of visuals from his or her music instrument.
Tomoyasu Hirano, President of Digitalstage, says, "Digitalstage has been an innovator in the development of visual performance software since 1998 with our motion dive software. We are extremely pleased to join with the leader in audio and visual performance hardware, EDIROL/Roland, to bring a new era of software and hardware integration to the visual performance scene."
Kim Nunney, President of EDIROL Corporation North America, commented, "motion dive .tokyo has achieved a great reputation in the visual performance scene and EDIROL is very excited to be able to create the first ever hardware controller for motion dive, providing a new powerful and affordable VJ and V-LINK performance solution to musicians.We are proud to partner with Digitalstage and are confident that this partnership product will open the world of visual performance to a whole new market."
The motion dive .tokyo performance package will be available in the fourth quarter of 2005 and has a suggested retail price of $575.
For details about motion dive software, please visit More info:

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