New Reason Refills From Sonic Reality and Lapjockey

Flatpack 2, Triple Guitars and Triple Bass      06/10/05

The PropShop, Propellerheads very own online store, has just added three new Reason Refills for Reason 3.0. The three new titles are Triple Guitars and Triple Bass from highly regarded Sonic Reality plus the mighty FlatPack 2 from Lapjockey. Details follow: FlatPack 2 by Lapjockey
FlatPack 2 is one of the first refills to take advantage of Reason 3's hugely expanded possibilities, opening the doors to true synth creation and analogue instrument emulation. FlatPack 2 has an even greater wealth of raw element samples, drums, rich textures and ambient soundscapes, perfect for both music production and sound design. The Flatpack 2 Refill is built largely around 4 new instrument concepts constructed within Reason's Combinator environment, and because of the endless programming possibilities, you'll find numerous variations of the following shells:
  • Kilburn is our framework for re-creating classic synths. We've sampled and looped the raw waveforms from our favourite synths, then carefully copied the signal path and modulation options, filter and LFO ranges, etc. from the original instruments.
  • Scope is a family of Combinators for generating soundscapes, pads, textures and just about any kind of rich evolving sound beds you can imagine. 100 Scope starting points are provided in the Flatpack 2 refill, each of which can be customised to go off in any direction you like.
  • Boxmoor is our Combinator-based drum machine. Our starting point was inspirational drum machines like the Korg ER-1 and Elektron MachineDrum, but with the added flexibility of design afforded by the Combinator.
  • Rex Dex is a collection of rex-based loop players. Rex Dex brings incredible control and new life to loops in Reason, with several tricks up its sleeve for mangling and transforming your rex loops. Of course, we've produced a collection of new loops to use with this Combi. Triple Guitars downloadable ReFill by Sonic Reality
    The Triple Guitars Refill offers three distinct types of guitars sampled by Sonic Reality: Electric, Acoustic Steel and Nylon. Includes patches for Reason's NNXT sampler as well as guitar synth lead patches for Reason's Subtractor and Malstrom synthesizers. Featuring Taylor, Gibson, Fender and other popular brands of 6 and 12 string guitars, this collection covers a wide range of playable guitar tones for many styles of music and offers an unprecedented variety of acoustic, electric and synth guitars for strumming, picking, soloing and more - all in one value package. 174 MB data for use with the Combinator device in Reason 3.0. Triple Bass downloadable ReFill by Sonic Reality
    Good things come in threes. This new Sonic Refill volume features three distinct bass types sampled by Sonic Reality: Acoustic Upright and Electric Bass Guitar for Reason's NNXT sampler and hundreds of Synth Bass patches for Reason's Subtractor and Malstrom synthesizers. Like bass libraries costing many times the price, this collection includes full tones played with finger and pick, mutes, slides, staccato notes, pulls, slaps and more - all from one value packed library. From the deepest subtones to the smoothest warm bass you ever heard in Reason the Triple Bass Refill delivers serious bang for the buck! 79 MB data for use with the Combinator device in Reason 3.0.


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