Hoorah! Two New Plugs-ins For PowerCore

Both use MINT (Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology)      11/11/05

Seems like a while since we've heard anything new from TC on the PowerCore Plaftorm. For those who don't know, PowerCore is a host DSP system running on either PCI or FireWire which adds extra processing power to your DAW system (See our PowerCore FireWire review). The two new plug-ins Fabrik R (reverb) and Fabrik C (channel EQ and de-esser and compressor) feature TC's MINT Meta Intuitive Navigation Technology, a design and programming philosophy - (sounds like something out of AI) that "transcends traditional UI thinking". MINT allows the user to respond intuitively to any audio material with just a few simple knobs. Underneath the UI, hundreds of high resolution parameters are adjusted, leaving the user with simple controls to execute any creative decision. Fabrik R and Fabrik C . Read the science bit about MINT here

Fabrik R
Fabrik R
Is a multipurpose plug-in, which combines four new TC reverbs in one single plug-in: FabrikLive, FabrikHall, FabrikPlate, and FabrikClub. Thanks to MINTTM, the parameters of the different reverbs can be easily and intuitively tweaked using only a few dedicated knobs. Music producers will benefit from the high-end reverbs of the Fabrik R and save precious time in the studio or on the road.

Fabrik C
Fabrik C
Is a high-resolution channel EQ, de-esser, and 3-band/full band compressor in one single plug-in. The MINTTM-based UI provides the user with a small number of knobs that control a large number of parameters. When the user indicates what type of source is being processed, Fabrik C adapts by performing the tedious adjustments, and leaves the important creative decisions up to the user. These plug-ins are an example of TC’s approach to making the most complex algorithms and advanced audio tools available to the artist as well as to the engineer. Both plug-ins are expected to ship in December, 2005 at EUR 299 retail ex. VAT and GBP 205 retail ex. VAT.

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