Roland To Distribute Edirol in the USA

More movements from the upper floors      15/11/05

There's been some shifting in the tectonic plates at Roland, not only have Boss been cut loose to find their own corporate parking spaces, although they are still owned by Roland at a corporate level, but now Edirol - who are also wholly owned by the Roland Corporation, though run as an autonomous business, are to be distributed in the US by Roland. Edirol Europe will continue to distribute themselves. Ok got that? Edirol started out writing software to go inside Roland keyboards, then got into making computer audio and MIDI interfaces, then Sound Canvas stuff and more recently video gear. Roland were keen to set Edirol apart from the mothership and have them as another unique brand, as they seem to have done pretty effectively. Anyhow, here follows the official line:
"Edirol has become a brand synonymous with innovation, strength, durability and affordability," says Roland Corporation U.S. President Dennis Houlihan. "Edirol audio interface products will be sold by the Roland U.S. sales team. Combined with our dedicated service and support teams, we're confident that we can help retailers who are looking for the best audio solutions to offer to their customers at affordable prices." Edirol's recent product releases include the UA-101, the latest advancement in audio interfacing, and the new "motion performer" software package. The Edirol UA-101 is the first affordable USB 2.0 audio interface on the market. This single half-rack high-speed solution was designed to turn USB 2.0-ready computers into powerful digital audio workstations. One simple connection gives customers 10 inputs and 10 outputs at 24-bit/96kHz quality to the computer. The low latency, extraordinary stability, and pristine audio quality make it the easiest, most powerful compact audio-interface solution available today. "Motion dive.toyko" is an exciting new visual performance software package, complete with a dedicated hardware controller, for the performing musician and DJ. It's the easiest and quickest way to add visuals to your performance. The new "motion performance" package is a collaboration between Digitalstage, creators of "motion," and Edirol. Edirol has enhanced the already famous "motion" software by adding MIDI functionality and designing a unique USB-powered hardware controller that mirrors the software interface. The combined pieces create a new and exciting way to perform visuals in real time. Motion was recently crowned "Best VJ Product of 2005" by UK-based DJ Magazine. All Edirol audio interface and MIDI products and peripherals will be distributed from Roland U.S. headquarters in Los Angeles, CA.

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