NAMM06: Edirol’s Affordable All-In-One Mobile Recording Suite

UA-4FX USB audio/MIDI interface pushes the price/performance envelope      19/01/06
New from Edirol is the UA-4FX USB audio/MIDI interface. There is little doubt that Edirol’s UA-series interfaces have been embraced by computer-recording enthusiasts for their good value. Now Edirol say they are pushing the price/performance envelope again with their latest - the UA-4FX .They claim that this latest portable USB audio/MIDI interface sets a new standard for affordable interfaces with its ultra-fast, low-latency audio and MIDI performance, 24/96 audio resolution, and built-in effects.
Here’s the lowdown on what the UA-4FX is capable of in Edirol’s own words…
“Route audio in and out of the UA-4FX via analog I/O or take advantage of its S/PDIF optical output. Windows XP users can use the optical output for Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 Surround output as well. With built in COSM tube mic-preamp simulator, multi-band compressor/limiter for mastering, amp simulator and distortion/chorus/delay for guitar, center cancel, reverb, noise suppressor and more, the Edirol UA-4FX is an irresistible package for computer-recording enthusiasts on a budget. Great audio is only part of what makes the UA-4FX a star performer. Connect synths, modules, and controllers via MIDI, and enjoy ultra-fast, stable performance thanks to Edirol’s FPT (Fast Processing Transmission) technology. A single USB cable provides both the MIDI and audio links between your computer and the UA-4FX.�
The UA-4FX is Mac/PC cross-platform compatible. It supports WDM, ASIO 2.0, and Mac OS X Core Audio formats. Enjoy low-latency audio performance on both platforms.
Edirol have told us that Cakewalk’s SONAR LE recording software and Edirol’s Virtual Sound Canvas plug-in (PC) will be bundled with the UA-4FX making it a true all-in-one recording solution at an incredibly low price.That price is yet to be announced but watch this space...

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