NAMM06: CME And Yamaha Announce Two World’s Firsts

First 3 axis MIDI controller and first programmable grand style pedal      22/01/06
CME, based in China and distributed in the US by Yamaha Corporation of America, have announced two new MIDI controllers. The Bitstream 3X desktop and GPP-3 pedal controllers have feature sets never before seen in MIDI controllers.
“These totally unique designs are examples of the creativity and vision CME brings to product design� stated Athan Billias, Director of Marketing for Technology Products at Yamaha. “CME’s philosophy is ‘Always a Step Ahead’ and the world’s first programmable grand style pedal and the world’s first 3 axis MIDI controller certainly live up to that vision. Never under estimate the power of being first�.
Bitstream 3X

The Bitstream 3X is a completely new direction in MIDI controllers and is perfect for controlling Virtual Instrument, DAWs, and even other MIDI hardware. This compact desktop unit is the only 3 axis (X,Y and Z) controller on the market and includes 35 knobs, 8 sliders, 16 buttons, a joystick, a cross-fader and an infrared controller. The joystick controls the X and Y axis while the infrared beam controls the Z axis. The Bitstream 3x is fully programmable and includes more than 13,000 presets for popular samplers, synthesizers, and software including Propellerheads Reason and Rebirth, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Reaktor, Traktor, Kontakt, and Absynth, Fruity Loops and more. An 8 track motion sampler, transport functions, and a large LCD display round out this versatile unit.

The GPP-3 Programmable Grand-Piano Style MIDI Pedal includes three polished metal pedals housed in an elegant wooden casing for complete stability on the floor and reliability on the road. Designed to be used with any synthesizer, digital piano, or any MIDI control applications, all of the GPP-3’s polar-switchable pedals are programmable to any MIDI CC# and one is a continuous controller. It’s built in CPU stores user settings and send control data through USB, MIDI or 1�4 inch control jacks with voltage trim capability.
Pricing and availability
The Bitstream 3X will be available in April, 2006 for $399.99 MSRP. The GPP-3 will be available in March, 2006 for $109.99 MSRP.
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