NAMM06: CME Announces Matrix Series Mixers

Matrix X and Matrix Y add functionality to music production systems      24/01/06

NAMM06: CME Announces Matrix Series Mixers

Here we are - two new Matrixes (or should that be matrices?) but not a sniff of Keanu Reeves ponceing about in that leather coat...
CME, based in China and distributed in the US by Yamaha Corporation of America have announced two new audio peripheral products - the Matrix X five channel mixer and Matrix Y headphone amp. With flexible combinations of connections and features, these are designed to add functionality to music production and performance systems.
Athan Billias, Director of Marketing for Technology Products at Yamaha is enthusiastic about these latest incomers from the far east, “CME products always offer both incredible cost performance and unique market driven features. The Matrix Y’s talkback feature and the incredible flexibility of inputs and outputs on the Matrix X are perfect examples of how CME’s products always set themselves apart from the competition.�
Matrix Y
The Matrix Y is a simple solution to a common problem – the inability to communicate while wearing headphones. This four channel expandable headphone amp includes the unique addition of a built-in talkback microphone. The talkback mic is fed into all headphone outputs, making it easy to communicate when recording, during playback, in a presentation or a demonstration – anywhere where multiple people are wearing headphones. In addition to balanced stereo inputs and separate volume controls on each headphone output, the Matrix Y includes balanced stereo outputs, allowing multiple units to be stacked for larger applications.

Matrix X
The Matrix X is a mic and guitar preamp with a built-in flexible 5 channel mixer designed to add a variety of inputs, outputs and level controls to a music production system. A combo jack with a +48V phantom powered microphone preamp or Hi-Z input effectively adds a microphone or guitar to a synthesizer, digital piano, or recording set up. An auxiliary set of balanced Stereo inputs and outputs can be used to integrate the Matrix X into any system with its own stereo ins and outs including sound cards, USB Stereo I/O, sampling synthesizers, digital pianos and other mixers. An extra set of balanced stereo inputs make this a versatile 5 channel mixer for personal recording set ups. Dual headphone outputs with separate volume controls and a dedicated volume control on the balanced stereo outputs make the Matrix X a perfect control center for all your different monitoring needs. The fact that the outputs are balanced even allows the Matrix X to be used as a Direct Box for both live and recording situations where longer cable runs are necessary. The Matrix X was designed to be flexible enough to solve a wide variety of different needs of the home recording environment in a single cost effective package.

Price and Availability
suggested retail price: $109.99. Available February 2006

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