WNAMM06: Sonic Reality Announce Special Edition Studio ProFiles

Available for a limited time only      26/01/06

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WNAMM06: Sonic Reality Announce Special Edition Studio ProFiles

Buying Choices
Sonic Reality and Joytown Productions have announce that as part of the official release of the Studio ProFiles series, a Special Edition version is now available for a limited time exclusively at Here’s what Sonic Reality have to say in their press release…
"Studio ProFiles are multitrack and stereo loop libraries of top-quality drums, percussion and other instruments recorded in professional studios with some of the best session musicians in the world. Studio ProFiles are designed to be opened natively as multitrack sessions/songs into hosts such as ProToolsâ„¢, Cubaseâ„¢, Logicâ„¢ or loaded into any DAW or sampler. Mix and produce these top-quality tracks as loops in your own music just like you would in a world-class recording studio.
Legendary Artists
Each title in the Studio ProFiles series "profiles" a different world-class musician or a specific musical genre/style and includes legendary musicians playing grooves and phrases with the feel they are famous for. Artists include John Blackwell (drummer for Prince) laying down phat beats for R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop, Danny Gottlieb (original drummer for the Pat Metheny Group) offering intricate cymbal work and Jazz/Rock rhythms with incredible feel, Jerry Marotta (original drummer for Peter Gabriel) performing rare, sought-after world rhythms, Ed Greene (drummer for Steely Dan) playing tight funk beats with the "feel of steel", plus many more.
Recorded with Top Studio Gear
Studio ProFiles are recorded at 24-bit resolution directly into ProTools® HD using only top studio equipment such as Neve®, SSL®, API®, Manley®, Great River® and more. They deliver ready-to-use, album-quality material and an authentic sound with outstanding character that is inspiring for use with many styles of music.
Covering a Wide Range of Styles
Studio ProFiles titles are also dedicated to specific music genres and include a diverse and rare offering of loops in the styles of Motown, Soul, Funk, Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Punk, Jazz, Big Band, World, Blues, Country and more. Some titles even include a full band of instrument phrases, bass lines, rhythm guitar parts and solo licks such as Bluegrass and Rockabilly.
Creative Control
Each Studio ProFiles title offers individual control over the elements of the session such as multiple directs, overheads and room mics. For added creative control, Studio ProFiles drum loop titles also include the full drum kit(s) used in the session, mapped in popular software sampler formats such as BFD™, Kontakt™, EXS24™, HALion™ and more." Dave Kerzner, CEO, Sonic Reality had this to say, "Studio ProFiles deliver high-quality flexible material for music production. We’re excited to team up with these artists and engineers to offer this fantastic new line of products.� More info:
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