WNAMM06: dbx Ships Flagship DriveRack 4800 System Processor

Driverack 4800 features a96 kHz processing engine plus a host of processing features      27/01/06

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WNAMM06: dbx Ships Flagship DriveRack 4800 System Processor

dbx Professional Products announced that they are shipping the new DriveRack 4800 System Processor, a complete EQ and speaker management system. They tell us that, as the next generation in the critically acclaimed line of dbx DriveRack processors, the DriveRack 4800 provides incredible versatility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for live performance applications.
Featuring all the familiar processing functions and a host of new algorithms — including selectable DSP inserts on the inputs and outputs, a wealth of EQ, Delay, classic dbx Compression and Limiting, Bandpass and Crossover Filters — the DriveRack 4800 supplies the front-of-house (FOH) engineer, monitor engineer and/or system technician with all the necessary processing tools for any live sound reinforcement situation.
The unit’s 96 kHz processing engine and standard digital I/O further extends frequency response and reduces latency, while an optional CobraNet card enhances the versatility.
Besides processing and flexibility, the DriveRack 4800 is designed for easy, efficient use, with a color display to speed manual operation and two button navigation between all processing functions.
The 4800 incorporates Harman Professional’s HiQnet protocol; the HiQnet control backbone is able to monitor and control signal routing as well as the processing of multiple DriveRack 4800 units from various locations via standard Ethernet equipment including routers and wireless access points. HiQnet control extends to the new System Architect GUI, which provides user assignable signal routing and control groups along with customized control panels so a system can be made as sophisticated or simple as desired. The HiQnet System Architect GUI supplies complete manipulation capability of not just the DriveRack 4800 but also any other HiQnet-enabled Harman Professional product, such as Crown I-Tech amplifiers, JBL DrivePack loaded speakers, AKG WMS 4000 wireless microphones and the Studer Vista 8 mixing console.
Price and Availability
The dbx DriveRack 4800 is available at an estimated street price of $3999.98. More info:
  • www.dbxpro.com

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