New Premastering Software From Sonic Studio

User-friendly high end premastering for Mac OS X      06/03/06

New Premastering Software From Sonic Studio

Sonic Studio have announced the release of their newest premastering application, PreMaster CD. First shown at the 119th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society in New York City, the product is now shipping to distribution worldwide.
PreMaster CD is a host–based premastering application that opens AIFF, WAV, BWF and SD2 stereo files. It edits, sequences and provides essential PQ support.What you are getting is an easy to use collection of Sonic Studio's premastering and editing know–how in one low cost package which the company tell us is the perfect entry level tool for moving your audio, error–free, from mastering to replication.
PreMaster CD is a simplified version of Sonic Studio’s professional premastering application, SonicStudio•DDP.
Sonic Studio tell us that it combines ease of use with low cost, and runs natively on Mac OS X. They say that the application combines Sonic Studio’s famed editing capabilities with the NGC™ interface and SSE™ real time audio engine for the finest fidelity money can buy.
Key Features of PreMaster CD:
  • Saves to DCA’s DDP (Disc Description Protocol) format
  • Fast, easy editing with smart fade tool
  • Breakpoint-based gain adjustment
  • Opens AIFF, WAV, BWF & SD2 44.1 kHz interleaved files at 16 to 24 bits
  • Essential PQ editing, including UPC/EAN and ISRC
  • Automatically generates & validates PQ subcodes in real time
  • Background creation of CD-Rs
  • Delivered CD-Rs support CD Text including album title & artist, track name & artist
  • Automatically creates track name & artist from Project metadata
  • Saves version 2-compliant DDP image file sets
  • Convenient Mark Info pop–up
  • Direct Transport Controls
  • Premastering–optimized metering
  • Produces industry standard Sonic Studio PQ log files
  • No additional hardware required - plays back through Core Audio
  • Clean, easy to navigate NGC user interface
  • OS 10-native application for Mac OS 10.4.3 or newer Price and Availability
    PreMaster CD carries an MSRP of $795 and is available now
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