Altiverb For Windows XP Announced

Convolution reverb plug-in in Windows VST and RTAS versions      16/03/06

Altiverb For Windows XP Announced

Altiverb, the convolution reverb has been well established on the Mac and won numerous awards but now Windows XP users will get chance to use it for the first time as Audio Ease have announced the release of a Windows RTAS and Windows VST version.
Altiverb made history in August 2001 when it was released as the first convolution reverb plug-in ever. Remaining the only one, anywhere, for the first three years of its existence. With this in mind, Arjen van der Schoot, co-owner of Audio Ease told us is thoughts on Altiverb, "It's obvious now that convolution reverb is here to stay and we've been at it over twice as long as anyone else, so no wonder Altiverb is the most efficient convolution reverb, and comes with the largest and highest quality library of acoustics samples.
It has been a challenge to port our trick bag of Mac optimizations, especially those specifically tailored for the Mac's Altivec chip, over to Pentium type processors. But we are glad to say that Altiverb sounds identical on the PC and the Mac, and we are delighted with the CPU efficiency we've been able to obtain. For six years now we have been traveling and recording acoustics, building up this vast library, so I'm really happy that we can offer all those great spaces to Windows users. Not bad timing either: Altiverb has just been awarded 'Best Signal Processing Software 2006' by US Electronic Musician Magazine."
The Windows release kicks off a series of Altiverb format additions slated for 2006: a version that runs on the Digidesign TDM chips will see light, Pro Tools 7 optimized RTAS versions will be released, and of course Intel-Mac compatibility is in the making as well.
Arjen added this, "In the mean time we'll continue to do what we do best: expand our library of acoustics. Our recordings already include the major concert halls of cities such as Vienna, Berlin, Sydney and Amsterdam, a wealth of legendary US recording studio's, but also the interiors of over 30 vehicles including a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet. And we have great stuff lined up for 2006: Altiverb is being used more and more on Hollywood blockbusters so there'll be more planes and helicopters, a set of train interiors, more outdoor acoustics, but also, for music production, a series of Germany's most prestigious recording studios and a collection of French opera's and theatres."
Price and Availability
The new version will be available before March 31 2006 as a free download for owners of Altiverb version 5. Suggested retail price is $595 USD.
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