MESSE06:Three New Acoustic Guitar Amps

Behringer launch Ultracoustic series      29/03/06

Good news for acoustic guitarists looking for inexpensive amplification is that Behringer have launched three new acoustic guitar amps at the show - the Ultracoustic ACX450, ACX900 and ACX1800.
The new amps share many features, starting with two integrated, 24-bit digital FX processors; each with 16 effects programs including reverb, modulation, delay, and various effects combinations.
An onboard FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals critical frequencies so that the user can make adjustments to avoid feedback.
The amps also come with CD input to allow playing along to music, and the included dual footswitch FS112 can bypass both effects channels.
The ACX900 and ACX1800 share additional features. Both have two original design 8" BUGERAâ„¢ dual-cone speakers for pristine sound reproduction, a dedicated tuner switch per channel for use with an external tuner. There is also a switchable phase correction on channel one for additional feedback prevention, and instrument and mic effects inserts for external effects devices. The amps are rounded up with a balanced stereo XLR line out and ground lift switch for direct connection to a mixing console.
Additional features specific to each amp :

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