MESSE06: CME's Affordable USB And FireWire Audio Interfaces

Two new additions to the Matrix series      30/03/06

MESSE06: CME's Affordable USB And FireWire Audio Interfaces

After the launch of their Matrix X five- channel mixer and Matrix Y headphone amp at the Winter NAMM show in January, CME have announced, at Frankfurt, the newest members of their Matrix system - the Matrix K USB and Matrix K FW.
CME claim that the ultra-compact Matrix K series sport a number of versatile features without a high price tag and are perfect for Podcasting or mobile recording.
The Matrix K series are of similar designs, but different digital connectivity allowing the choice of USB or FireWire - The Matrix K FW is a FireWire audio interface and the Matrix K USB, while similar in design, is USB 2.0 based. The Matrix K USB can be expanded to FireWire with the KF400e FireWire expansion board giving customers the ultimate in creative choices.

Both Matrix K series units feature professional recording up to 24 bit, 192 kHz resolution and ship with a low-latency ASIO 2.0 driver compatible with PC and Mac. Similar to the Matrix X mixer, the Matrix K features a mic/line/guitar combo input with phantom power, an 1/8� stereo line in, a stereo line out, and two headphone outs. All inputs and outputs have independent controls for dialing in the desired levels.
Key Features
  • Mic/line XLR combo input with +48V phantom power and gain control
  • 1 stereo TRS (1/8â€�) line input with gain control
  • 2 channel balanced TRS (1/4â€�) Line Output with volume control
  • sets of TRS (one 1/4â€� and one 1/8â€�) headphone outputs with independent volume control
  • Expansion slot for FireWire (upgrade option) computer audio interface
  • Windows XP and Mac OS X compatible, ASIO 2.0 driver
  • Ultra low noise and high quality recording up to 24 bit, 192 kHz
  • Dual buses for stereo and monitor, direct hardware monitoring
  • 1 set of signal and peak LEDs for left/right input channels
  • Direct Monitor switch for professional pre/post monitoring Price and Availability
    The Matrix K will be available in August, 2006 for $179.99 (USB version) and $199.99 (FireWire version) US MSRP.
    The KF400E FireWire expansion is $99.99 US MSRP.
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