MESSE06: WIDI - Wirelesss MIDI

CME announces world’s first duplex wireless MIDI/USB system      30/03/06
MESSE06: WIDI - Wirelesss MIDI

Now you can WIDI your MIDI! CME, based in China and distributed in the US by Yamaha has introduced the WIDI X-8, a full duplex wireless system for MIDI and USB communication.
CME say that the WIDI X-8 is a great way to clean up long MIDI cable runs or extend USB connections. The two units communicate over a wireless 2.4GHz ISM license-free band up to 262 feet of unobstructed space. Also able to communicate through walls and floors, the WIDI X-8’s 64 available channels mean up to 64 pairs can run at the same time within your home, studio or stage, making connections faster and easier.
The WIDI X-8 comes with two identical MIDI/USB devices that operate in four different ways depending on the users needs:
  • Each unit can work independently as a stand-alone USB to MIDI interface.
  • With both units in MIDI/RF mode, a keyboard or MIDI controller can be wirelessly connected to rack modules, samplers, or other keyboards – great for use on stage.
  • With both units in USB/RF mode, USB data is transmitted between devices, allowing wireless communication between two computers in different areas of the home or studio.
  • Put one unit in USB/RF mode and the other in MIDI/RF mode and you have a wireless interface to connect a keyboard or MIDI controller to a computer.

Key Features
  • Operates on 2.4GHz ISM license-free band
  • Transmission range up to 262 feet (unobstructed)
  • Low power consumption, high speed, error correction ability
  • Built-in USB MIDI interface
  • Bi-directional MIDI communication (MIDI in/out)
  • Up to 64 pairs can be operating at the same time via 64 channels
  • Three operating modes (USB/RF, MIDI/RF, USB/MIDI)
  • OS X and Windows XP class-compliant for plug-and-play
  • Powered by 2 ‘AA’ size batteries, AC power adapter (DC 5V) or USB bus-powered
    Price and Availability
    The WIDI X-8 will be available in August, 2006 for $249.99 US MSRP
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    CME is distributed in the US by the Yamaha Corporation of America.

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    mnc    Said...

    Hey, when is this supposed to ship? I ordered it in August, now its October, my vendor says it won't be in until November. What's the scoop from yamaha or cme about ship date?

    10-Oct-06 04:50 PM

    Nobody    Said...

    I understand CME have been having some 'general manufacturing' problems - not sure what they are, but these things usually revolve around the factory making some inferior units that the are rejected, so they have to go back to the drawing board in some cases.

    Perhpas this is what has happened to this one?

    11-Oct-06 05:01 AM

    mnc    Said...

    dam* i hope not. i'd rather not have to get a midair 25 and use their keyboard.

    11-Oct-06 10:34 PM

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