MESSE06: New FX Processor From TC

For stage or studio - M350 Dual Engine Processor debuts      31/03/06

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MESSE06: New FX Processor From TC

Continuing with their tradition in reverb and multi-effects, TC Electronic have been showing the M350 dual engine rack processor which they tell us is a high-end reverb/multi-effects tool at an affordable price. The M350 combines 15 brand-new TC-quality reverbs with 15 multi-purpose effects including delay, modulation and compression, and TC say that it is equally suited for live, install, and studio applications.
M350 features a front panel user interface, which is optimized for easy and speedy operation in a live performance situation. Studio engineers and recording musicians will benefit from the included AU/VST compatible software editor, which should allow for seamless control and editing integration with DAW systems. The M350 software editor enables the user to fully automate all parameters and presets of the M350, or to control them in real-time.
Selected Features
  • The M350 reverbs include classic TC hall, cathedral, ambience, room as well as a choice selection of plates and springs; reverb parameters cover decay, pre-delay and color.
  • The comprehensive effects section features a number of compression, modulation, and delay variations, including de-esser, vintage phaser, tremolo, and dynamic delay.
  • All reverb and effect types and parameters are accessible directly from the front panel, ensuring maximum flexibility in any given situation.
  • The M350 has 256 factory presets as well as 99 user presets, in total, 355 presets are provided.
  • High density 24 bit processing and AD/DA conversion delivers the full transparency of TC reverbs and effects.
  • The auto-sensing 24 bit S/PDIF input ensures bullet-proof input connection in any setup. Without digital input, the M350 automatically switches to analog.
  • M350 comes with an easy-to-read preset display, and provides MIDI in/out, MIDI clock tempo sync, pedal control of tap tempo, and global bypass.
  • The M350 provides 5 direct access parameters for quick and easy handling of parameter changes.
  • The adaptive built-in power supply secures seamless operation at any main voltage with no need for clumsy wall-warts. Price and Availability
    M350 ships in May 2006 at EUR 210 retail ex. VAT.
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