MESSE06: Numark Change DJ’s Performance Set Up

MESSE06: Numark Change DJ’s Performance Set Up      03/04/06

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MESSE06: Numark Change DJ’s Performance Set Up

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Numark has introduced what they say is the most centralized professional DJ mass storage player and manager. It’s called D2 Director - that should be pronounced “D-squared"and written with a numerical squared sign but our software won't allow that so we'll just have to call it D2 (well that's shorter than D x D).
With support for iPod, Memory Stick media, and external USB hard drives, Numark claim that D2 will forever change the DJ's performance set-up and mind-set. So how are they going to do that? Find out by reading extracts from their press release below…
D2 Director is a single rack-mountable 3U console featuring one oversized LCD display coupled with a revolutionary user interface. The new plug and play design allows the user to simply search for music on any USB mass storage device and add songs to a single master play list. Using the single master play list, songs are automatically directed to two built-in play control surfaces, ultimately simplifying the DJ performance experience.
D2 Director is complete with a ground-breaking new graphic user interface which includes real-time visuals of track profiles and waveforms. Six soft touch buttons around the D2 Director’s display screen provide the DJ with control over a variety of features such as effects, song management, and hard drive management.
Professional player features include scratch, seamless looping, smart loop, Beatkeeper technology with tap override function, pitch control (+/- 100%), and key lock. The D2 Director allows the DJ to record their performance on to any connected hard drive through one of the USB ports. This allows the user to record their performance on the D2 Director while performing.
The D2 Director includes one USB connector on the front panel and two additional USB ports on the rear panel which can be expanded through the use of a USB hub (sold separately). The USB connectivity delivers a wide variety of music storage and sourcing options. This includes, but is not limited to, linking the D2 Director to the DJs iPodâ„¢, and external USB hard drives. The DJ could also add a computer keyboard for simplified song search. In addition the rear panel includes line level outputs for both players. The D2 Director supports MP3, Ogg Vorbis and AAC (non-DRM) formats.
Numark CEO, Jack O’Donnell told us, “D2 Director marks the beginning of a clear change in the mindset of the way DJs manage their music forever. Numark continues to embrace the challenges that a modern DJ faces. The D2 Director answers many of those challenges and Numark is proud to be on the forefront of the high-tech musical revolution.�
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