MESSE06: Altiverb For XP and Intel-Macs

New platform, new spaces      04/04/06

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MESSE06: Altiverb For XP and Intel-Macs

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Its all about the spaces, according to Audio Ease co-owner Arjen Van Der Schoot, and he should know, he’s the guy who records many of the impressive impulse responses from around the globe. Altiverb was the the first convolution reverb on the market by quite some time (3 years actually) and as a result has more spaces on offer with a continuing program of adding more. Favoured by post production and music producers, its these acoustic spaces that really set Altiverb apart from the competition. With spaces ranging from the worlds most prestigious symphony halls, to the best studio rooms, to the back of vans (they have twenty), there’s going to be a space that will do the job. But if not, Altiverb also lets you sample your own spaces too – extremely useful on a film set, where you’ll want to match the dialog you do at the dubbing stage with the space it was filmed in. But not only that, you can sample electronic reverbs too. Altiverb has only been available for Mac until now, but now Audio Ease have announced the release of a Windows-RTAS and Windows VST version of Altiverb as well as a planned release of Univeral Binary for the new Intel based Macs. The new version will be available as a free download for owners of Altiverb version 5. "It's obvious now that convolution reverb is here to stay" says Arjen van der Schoot, co-owner of Audio Ease. "And we've been at it over twice as long as anyone else, so no wonder Altiverb is the most efficient convolution reverb, and comes with the largest and highest quality library of acoustics samples." "It has been a challenge to port our trick bag of Mac optimizations, especially those specifically tailored for the Mac's Altivec chip, over to Pentium type processors. But we are glad to say that Altiverb sounds identical on the PC and the Mac, and we are delighted with the CPU efficiency we've been able to obtain. For six years now we have been traveling and recording acoustics, building up this vast library, so I'm really happy that we can offer all those great spaces to Windows users. Not bad timing either: Altiverb has just been awarded 'Best Signal Processing Software 2006' by US Electronic Musician Magazine." We spoke to Arjen at the Musik Messe where he recommended watching his video demonstration of Altiverb in action – we heartily concur – after you’ve watched ours of course! Suggested retail price is $595.

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