MESSE06: SampleRobot Reaches Version 2

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MESSE06: SampleRobot Reaches Version 2

Skylife has announced a comprehensive update for their SampleRobot sampling software. A lot of new features based on customer wishes and feedbacks are included in new version 2. Furthermore the new WaveRobot software for professional loop editing is fully integrated. SampleRobot version 2 comes with WaveRobot already included. Here’s what Skylife have to say about version 2:
With SampleRobot version 2 you can ‘clone’ every instrument and turn it into a software instrument automatically. SampleRobot works as a copying machine for instruments featuring advanced recording and auto-loop searching algorithms. If there are MIDI connections available between an instrument and a computer SampleRobot sends out MIDI note messages and controller information, note by note. The external device gets the MIDI information and plays back the sounds. At the same time SampleRobot is in audio recording mode. Just a few mouse clicks and a fully detailed sampled synthesizer with all internal sound programs is on your hard drive ready to be played with any available software sampler. SampleRobot is also equipped with semi-automatic recording functions for sampling of acoustic instruments.
What´s new in version 2
  • WaveRobot (fully scalable wave editor for professional loop editing)
  • Improved interface design (coloring, workflow, hide-panels)
  • MIDI capture function (With this function activated all played note velocities and all incoming MIDI controller information will automatically be captured in the Multi-Sample section allowing perfect MIDI remote control of all sound sources.)
  • MIDI Note In display (All played notes are now displayed on SampleRobot's virtual keyboard.)
  • Comprehensive copy functions for Multi-Samples (Now it is possible to combine Multi-Samples from different projects to create huge layer sounds and velocity-splits.)
  • ChessRobot (This game makes waiting during recording a lot easier since you can play a nice game of chess in the meantime. ChessRobot runs independently and offers different challenge levels.)
  • New additional display resolution 1280x1024 supported
  • Minimize display option (450x300 pixels) with full editing capabilities
  • Optimized Note-In recognition
  • Optimized ASIO playback (no more clicks when stopping wave or tuning oscillator playback)
  • Optimized VSTi recording (secondary audio buffer implemented)
  • Optimized Autoloop recognition (now usually about 15 times faster)
  • Numerous additional improvements in detail
Also announced at Messe was SampleRobot Essentials which is designed to offer a lot of professional auto-sampling features from its big brother SampleRobot at a reasonable price. The graphical interface is very easy to use. Beginners can achieve excellent results with just a few mouse clicks. SampleRobot Essentials can also be used in conjunction with WaveRobot as an option.

Price and Availability
Update price for SampleRobot version 1.x users:
Users who bought SampleRobot after April 1st, 2006: free of charge
All other SampleRobot version 1.x users: about 40 EUR (incl. VAT)
The MSRPs for the SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box: 299 EUR (incl. VAT), £199 GBP (incl. VAT) , $299 USD (plus VAT)
SampleRobot full version's Download price is 289 EUR/ $329 USD
SampleRobot Essentials Download price is 99 EUR / $119 USD
SampleRobot Essentials Box price: TBA
Crossgrade to SampleRobot full version is possible at any time. Crossgrade fee is the price difference between both products. More information from:

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