Serato's Pitch 'n Time LE Now Shipping

Pitch shifting and time stretching software more affordable and compatible with Logic Pro      22/05/06

Serato's Pitch 'n Time LE Now Shipping

Serato Audio Research have announced the release of Pitch 'n Time LE, a more affordable version of their professional pitch shifting and time stretching software. They tell us that this will allow users to get the same high quality output loved by audio engineers the world over at a great price.
Pitch 'n Time LE allows you to make dramatic alterations to a sample, or even to a completed mix with natural sounding results that Serato say you have to hear to believe.
Pitch 'n Time LE is compatible with TDM, LE and M-Powered versions of Pro Tools, as well as being compatible with Logic Pro for the first time.
Pitch 'n Time LE Applications:
  • Re-pitching backing vocals
  • Fitting the material you have into that 30 second spot
  • Adjusting the pitch or tempo of any loop so it fits into any song
  • Changing the key of a whole piece of music
  • Creating unique sounds for special effects

General features
  • Modify tempo independent of pitch and pitch independent of tempo
  • Unique patented time compression/expansion and pitch-shifting algorithm
  • No loss of timing accuracy
  • Process stereo tracks without phasing
  • Process Dolby matrix encoded tracks without losing surround information

Pro Tools only features
  • Perfect Pro-Tools integration using the Pro-tools time trimmer tool (requires Pro Tools 7.2)
  • Modify tempo from 50% to 200% of original and simultaneously pitch shift by ±12 semitones
  • Time stretch by tempo change, length change, target length, or target BPM
  • Select pitch shift by frequency change or semitone shift
  • Preview changes in real time

Logic Pro only features
  • Modify tempo from 1/8 to 8x of original and simultaneously pitch shift by ±36 semitones
  • Time stretch by tempo change, length change, target length, target BPM, target time code and bars and beats
  • Select pitch shift by cents
  • Integrates into Logic's Time Machine

Integrated Into Logic's Time Machine
Minimum requirements
  • Pro Tools 6 TDM, LE and M-Powered
  • Or Logic Pro 7.2
  • Windows XP, Mac OSX 10.3.9
  • iLok required

Price and Availability
Pitch 'n Time LE has a MSRP of $399 USD.
Downloadable 30 day demo available now.
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