AES06: API Launch New Mic Pre and A to D Converter

A2D features 312 mic pres and multiple samplerates      25/05/06

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AES06: API Launch New Mic Pre and A to D Converter
API A2D (click to enlarge)

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API have been around for ever. The company was formed in the late 1960’s to accommodate the emerging multi-track format (it’ll never catch on!) and since then have been successful manufacturing large format mixing consoles and outboard mic amps and Eqs. The A2D is a landmark product for API as it is their first to integrate a digital output. The A2D analog section consists of the circuitry contained in two API 312 mic preamps, or one half of the popular 3124 quad mic preamp rack product. A level control pot with an expanded 20-segment metering system shows precise mic gain levels. Control switches include polarity, 48v phantom power, input pad, 2:1 transformer routing, and Mic/Line select. Each analog input contains a balanced low-level XLR connector and a high-level line input on a 1/4 inch jack. The Digital section of the A2D includes two level pots to adjust the feed to the A/D converters, each with a corresponding 20-segment calibrated meter. A multi-position switch selects the desired sample frequency which ranges from 44.1 to 192kHz. The External Sync LED will light when an external clock signal is used. Rear panel Analog connectors include an XLR input and output for each channel, as well as a balanced 1/4" TRS insert to the A/D converter. This allows the A2D to have external analog processing devices inserted in the audio chain (EQ, compression, etc.) Digital interface connectors provided are SPDIF single ended RCA connector and AES digital out on XLR. A coaxial BNC accepts external "Super Clock" which will illuminate the front panel EXT SYNC LED when locked. In addition, there are a pair of 9-pin D-sub connectors which allow the linking of multiple A2D units, all operating off the first sample-rate clock in the chain. "When we began design of the A2D, we wanted to do it right. We knew the analog to digital converters had to be the best possible to fully complement two of our 312 discrete mic amps, one of our most popular mic amp designs for over 25 years," said Larry Droppa, president of API. "And at the same time, we felt it was important to avoid the typical delays of announcing a new product and then shipping it much later. We're pleased to be able to announce the product today and ship the first units tomorrow!"
  • A pair of signature 312 mic preamps
  • API 2520 op amps
  • 20 Segment LED metering on both Analog and Digital sections
  • Mic and Line inputs
  • Polarity, Phantom power, Input pad, 2:1, and Mic/Line switches
  • 6 sample rate choices 44.1 to 192kHz
  • External Super Clock Input
  • Multiple A2D units can be slaved together
  • Insert point provided between Analog and Digital sections


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