SNAMM06: New Neko

Open Labs introduce SE (Standard) and LX (Luxury) versions      14/07/06

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SNAMM06: New Neko

On the first day of the show, Open Labs introduced new, highly upgraded, models of its award-winning NeKo keyboard workstation products – the NeKo SE and NeKo LX.
Open Labs tell us that the new NeKo products represent the most powerful keyboard workstations on the market, and offer customers a lower price point for what is a powerful built-in, design-specific, full-featured, Windows XP- based computer system. The NeKo is the first line of keyboard workstations to incorporate a Windows PC.
Victor Wong, founder and CEO of Open Labs had this to tell us, “We have literally cracked the code on performance and value with the new NeKo SE and NeKo LX, delivering an even greater level of performance, with substantially graded components, to today’s studio and touring musicians. We believe that our improvements in the overall design, system integration, and functionality for the NeKo SE and LX will serve as the benchmark for the industry.�
The NeKo SE (standard edition) will sell for $3,595 and includes a 3.0GHz Intel P4 processor; 1GB RAM; 250GB 7200rpm HD; 15" color LCD touchscreen; Dual Video/Dual Layer DVD Burner; 24 bit/192 KHz (4ins/outs) Audio; QWERTY controller; Alpha Controller, and Windows XP Home software bundle including Sonar LE.
NeKo LX (luxury edition) will sell for $5,995 and includes a dual core Athlon 2.0GHz processor; 4GB RAM; 500GB 7200rpm HD; 15" color LCD touchscreen; Dual Video/Dual layer DVD Burner; 10ins/outs audio; Rotary controller; Linear controller; QWERTY controller; Alpha controller, and Windows XPâ„¢ Home Software bundle including Sonar LE.
Both the NeKo SE and NeKo LX feature Open Labs’ suite of applications – Karsyn, mFusion, and the Open Labs Navigator - which are a breakthrough set of technologies that allow users to control different musical keyboard devices and software packages through a single interface. MimiK keyboard cloning software, which allows any MIDI-capable keyboard or hardware sound module to be cloned, is fully compatible with the new NeKo models and is priced at $199.
Craig Negoescu, chief architect of Open Labs has the last word, “The feedback that we have received from our growing roster of customers, including some of the industry’s leading performers and producers, has enabled us to optimize the performance of the NeKo and deliver a much more robust unit.� Price and Availability
The NeKo SE ($3,595) and NeKo LX ($5,595) are available from select Open Labs distributors, and from the Open Labs online store.
Existing NeKo64 or NeKoGen2 Customers Who Purchase NeKo SE or NeKo LX Within 30 Days of July 14, 2006 Receive Free Upgrades.
Any customer who purchased a NeKo64 Gen2 within 30 days of July 14, 2006 will automatically receive upgrades at no charge
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