SNAMM06: POD Sounds To Be Available As Software Plug-Ins

Line 6 Gearbox puts POD sounds and more in AU, VST and RTAS form      14/07/06
SNAMM06: POD Sounds To Be Available As Software Plug-Ins

Line 6 Amp simulations, as found in their hardware units like the POD, have also been available in software form but only for use with TDM versions of Pro Tools (Amp Farm) or with Line 6 hardware with a computer connection (GuitarPort, TonePort). That has now changed as the amp simulations and effects will soon be available in standard plug-in formats.
Line 6, Inc., have revealed the existence of their GearBox Plug-In Silver and Gold bundles – they say that for the computer-based musician who records guitar, bass and vocals, GearBox Plug-In bundles deliver legendary Line 6 studio-standard tone from POD XT, and classic must-have vintage effects in a flexible software plug-in format. Both packages include Mac AU and PC VST Plug-In support and a USB guitar interface with Line 6 ToneDirect monitoring.
Mark McCrite, Product Line Manager, Line 6 told us,“With GearBox Plug-In, users will have instant access to an incredible selection of vintage and modern gear models right in their software-based recording app. The included USB hardware interface completes the package by delivering an optimized guitar/bass instrument input. With the included interface, GearBox gives you the option to use Line 6’s exclusive ToneDirect monitoring so musicians can get an inspiring tone without the latency issues that can ruin a great performance.�
Line 6 tell us that the GearBox Plug-In Silver and Gold bundles include an extraordinary collection of professionally programmed presets. Presets created during the recording process can easily be moved into other Line 6 products like POD XT Live for total portability to the stage. The Silver bundle provides a hand-picked model selection, while the Gold bundle delivers a comprehensive array for the ultimate tone palette. Both packages include the TonePort DI USB guitar interface and are compatible with the most popular Mac and Windows recording programs. RTAS support is planned for summer 2007.
GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle
  • 18 guitar amp and 24 cab models from POD XT
  • 5 bass amp models from Bass POD XT
  • 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps
  • 30 studio and stompbox effects
GearBox Plug-In Gold Bundle
  • 78 guitar amp and 24 cab models from POD® XT/Vetta II
  • 28 bass amp and 22 bass cab models from Bass POD XT
  • 6 world-renowned vintage and modern mic preamps
  • 80 plus studio and stompbox effects
Price and Availability
Available late Summer ’06.
GearBox Plug-In Silver Bundle: MSRP $419.99 USD
GearBox Plug-In Gold Bundle: MSRP $699.99 USD
More information:

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