SNAMM06: We Will Rock You Say Digitech

Brian May Red Special Artist Series pedal ships      15/07/06

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SNAMM06: We Will Rock You Say Digitech

DigiTech have been demonstrating it at the show and have announced that they are now shipping the Brian May Red Special Artist Series Pedal. Created using the original master recordings of legendary guitarist and Queen founding member Brian May, as well as his collection of vintage instruments, effects and amps used in the studio and onstage live, the long anticipated pedal delivers the signature tones of one of rock’s pioneering guitar icons, say Digitech.
The man himself, Brian May, had this to say, “This piece of gear is — in my opinion — a work of genius. An amazing DigiTech team led by legend Eddie Kramer has created a device that captures 14 of the most memorable tones I’ve achieved for Queen over the years. From the searing harmonically rich solo sound of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, to the churning saturated thickness of the climax of ‘We Will Rock You’, to the hitherto inimitable ‘Deacy’ amp tones, which I’ve used for years to create ‘orchestras’ of guitars on record, this device will shock you! Our hope, is that you, the guitarist of the future, will use this machine as an aid to creating your own new tones and inspire you to greater heights.�
The extensive selection of tones is modeled from Brian’s exclusive original set-ups, including his one-of-a-kind Deacy amp and Red Special handmade guitar. Other key and immediately recognizable effect models are treble booster, Foxx™ Foot Phaser, VOX® AC30 as well as delay, pitch shifter/harmonizer, reverb and more.
The tones modeled are:
  • “Keep Yourself Aliveâ€�
  • “Bohemian Rhapsodyâ€�
  • “Tie Your Mother Downâ€�
  • “We Will Rock You/Championsâ€�
  • “Crazy Little Thing Called Loveâ€�
  • “Brighton Rock Solo – Liveâ€�
  • “Deacy Tone/A Winter’s Taleâ€�
To achieve its results, the pedal features an integral hard-wired dynamic analog treble booster, a GUITAR knob designed specifically for Brian’s guitar or to re-voice single coil and humbucker pickup-equipped guitars to sound like the Red Special; a Flexible Output Mode; and controls for Gain, Level, Treble, Bass and Model Control.
An Expression pedal serves as a variable control for some of the models and is also used for engaging the Heel and Toe mode switches allowing selection of two distinctive tone variations of each model.
The pedal has a vintage wood grain finish inspired by Brian’s Red Special, and comes complete with custom embroidered gig bag, power supply and Brian’s plectrum of choice, a British Sixpence! Poodle perm and white clogs are optional…
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