Kontakt 2 Bass Library In Bite-Sized Chunks

Soniccouture Abstrakt : Bass is now available for download in 3 separate parts      23/08/06

Kontakt 2 Bass Library In Bite-Sized Chunks

Soniccouture have been in touch to tell us that, due to popular demand, their Abstrakt Bass Library for Kontakt 2 has been made available by paid download. To make this more practical in terms of size, the Library has been split into 3 distinct parts. Users can choose to buy the entire download or just one part of it. Here’s the information that Soniccouture have sent us about the library:
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 1
65 Kontakt 2 Instruments - 814 MB (640 MB Compressed)
1. Abstrakt Bass: The most unusual Bass sounds in the collection, Low-end oddities and extra characterful sounds of the collection. The Bass sounds that make a track stand out when you need something more than just a standard bass sound.
2. Distortion and Drama: Nasty overdriven growlers and howlers, and the really big atmospheric basses that fill a track with a sense of drama and foreboding. Particularly appropriate for Drum and Bass, IDM, film music, Trance etc.
3. Drones and Effects: Long, spacey low-end experiments - Film soundtracks and ambient style. With these instruments it's often enough to hold down one note and slowly tweak and modulate..
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 2
68 Kontakt 2 Instruments - 715 MB (511 MB Compressed)
1. Dry Synth: Big electro sawtooths, offbeat trance basses, percussive squares, pulse warps, blocky FM -it's all here. Raw, vintage waveforms sampled from the original hardware and given the full Soniccouture Sampling + Synthesis treatment so that you can shape each sound precisely for your track.
2. Synth Classics: A wide selection of all time greats in one place : Alpha Juno Hoovers, 303, Jupiter PWM, Mini Detune, Lately Bass, SH-101, 808 kick bass, House organ bass and many more.
3. Sub Basses: We know how hard it is to find a really good Sub bass - and we also know that they are not all the same! So we wanted to include a good selection of heavy, smooth subsonic rumbles from the worlds most famous bass synths.
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 3
8 Kontakt 2 Instruments - 334 MB (276 MB Compressed)
Electric and Acoustic: 8 detailed natural basses -Slap, 3 Dub basses, Picked, Fingered, Upright, Rhodes Bass - Every natural bass sound required for contemporary production styles. Electric bass Instruments feature VARI-AMP sampling - mix between D.I., close mic and distant mic at the tweak of a knob. Stunningly elegant control over your sound.
Pricing and Availability:
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 1 £35 GBP
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 2 £35 GBP
Abstrakt Bass Download Part 3 £30 GBP
Abstrakt Bass Complete Library £75 GBP
More information:

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