AES06SF: Eventide Extends Anthology II Upgrade Offer

Eventide plug-in owners can upgrade to expanded Anthology II bundle at reduced prices until December 21      07/10/06
AES06SF: Eventide Extends Anthology II Upgrade Offer

At the show, Eventide have announced that in response to popular demand, its special Anthology II upgrade offer for loyal Eventide plug-in users will be extended through December 21, 2006.
Featuring fifteen plug-ins and unprecedented sonic capabilities, Eventide tell us that Anthology II gives artists and engineers as diverse as Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon, Sebastian Arocha Morton, Scott Gershin, Scott Humphrey and Andrew Philpott powerful solutions for all their production needs.
Ray Maxwell, Eventide vice president of sales and marketing had this to say, "The customer response and reviews for Anthology II have been overwhelmingly positive. The response has been so great in fact, that we want to make it irresistible for all Eventide plug-in owners to upgrade. Anthology II is among the most comprehensive bundles available and is comparable to bundles costing much, much more."
Anthology II adds six new plug-ins to the Anthology bundle:
  • Two 48-bit double precision vintage equalizers; EQ65 Filter Set and EQ45 Parametric Equalizer, both 48-bit double precision
  • Two new configurable channel strips, Ultra-Channel featuring Eventide's signature micropitch shifting effect for thickening, and E-Channel, optimized for maximum instances
  • Precision Time Alignâ„¢ provides the ability to bring individual tracks into phase
  • Quadravox, a four-voice diatonic pitch shifter with delays.
Anthology II also includes the latest versions of the nine plug-ins that comprised the original best-selling Anthology bundle:
  • H910
  • H949
  • Instant Phaser
  • Instant Flanger
  • Omnipressor
  • Eventide Reverb, Octavox
  • H3000 Band Delays
  • H3000 Factory
Like Anthology, Anthology II is fully compliant with ICON, D-Control, D-Command, Venue, Pro Tools 7.2, and is Mac and PC compatible.
Pricing and Availability:
The upgrade program affords Anthology owners the chance to upgrade to Anthology II for $249 (regularly $299). Clockworks Legacy owners may upgrade to Anthology II for $429 (regularly $499), and any MassivePack, Octavox, Eventide Reverb or H3000 Band Delays owner may upgrade to Anthology II for $699 (regularly $799).
More information:

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