AES06SF: Another New Glyph Drive

Glyph Introduces GT 062 RAID      09/10/06

AES06SF: Another New Glyph Drive

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Glyph’s newest addition to the GT Series family, and launched at the show, is the the GT 062. It's a two drive tabletop designed for professional audio and video applications, and supports three drive modes through the use of a rear-panel switch: JBOD, Spanning, and RAID 0 (striping). Building upon the success of Glyph’s highly regarded GT 060BR, the new GT 062 offers SATA drive technology, more connectivity options, and multiple configuration options, all in a smaller enclosure.
Here’s what Glyph have to say about it in their own words…
The GT 062 takes the concept of the GT 060BR RAID and updates it with today’s highest performing components. First, it uses Oxford’s new 924 chip which supports SATA drive mechanisms. Faster than traditional Parallel ATA (PATA) drives, Seagate’s SATA drives incorporate Native Command Queuing (NCQ). An algorithm that cuts down on extra arm motion, NCQ dynamically reschedules and reorders commands so the heads travel less over the platters of the drive. Built into the drive, NCQ improves efficiency and allows more data to be streamed from the drive.
The GT 062 uses a rear-panel selector switch to choose between its three internal drive configurations: JBOD, Spanning, and RAID 0 (striping). In JBOD mode, the two drives are seen by the computer as two single volumes. In spanning mode, drives are seen as one large volume. When the first drive fills to the limit, data is then written to the second drive. RAID 0 (striping) is designed to increase the performance of the drive system. Drives are seen as one large volume, and the built-in RAID 0 controller distributes the I/O burden by reading and writing data from both drives at the same time. RAID 0 is a proven technology for editing video, working with huge graphics files, sound libraries, and streaming instruments that play back hundreds of samples simultaneously.
The back panel of the GT 062 features four ports for multiple connectivity options - two FireWire 800, one FireWire 400, and one USB 2.0. When connected via FireWire 800, the GT 062 has a data transfer rate of over 80MB/sec. GT 062 includes a FW800 cable and a FW400 cable, and can be rack mounted with Glyph’s optional rack kit.
Available with capacities of up to 1.5TB, it is constructed with durable stainless steel, and has an internal power supply and quiet fan. For additional protection during transporting, the GT 062 includes a hard-shell plastic carrying case. Like all members of the GT Series, the GT 062 internal frame is constructed with sound-dampening metal to absorb drive vibration and reduce unwanted noise.
Backed by Glyph’s legendary service and technical support, all GT Series enclosures are covered under warranty for three years. Hard drives come standard with an additional Overnight Advance Replacement warranty in the first year. Pricing and Availability:
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