New Website For Visualists

Create Digital Motion – a new website for Vjs and performing visualists is launched      30/10/06

New Website For Visualists

Buying Choices is a new website and community for the converging fields of motion graphics, interactive art, and live visuals and VJing. The site is built for musicians incorporating visuals into performance and artists performing with visuals.
The new site will feature daily tips, tutorials, and news, plus a companion forum where readers can share their questions and show off their work. Publisher Peter Kirn told us, "We're seeing a new kind of digital artist at the meeting point of live animation, video, and motion graphics. These new artists have dubbed themselves 'visualists'. They're blurring the line between musical performance and visual performance. We hope to help network the expanding resources and community emerging around these fields."
The site has been in "beta" form since the summer, but now launches officially. Already, readers and contributors have begun discussing motion graphics, VJing, animation and video, and tools like After Effects, Flash and open source Flash, ActionScript, Processing, Max/MSP/Jitter, and OpenGL.
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