More Affordable Fairlight

DREAM II Satellite–AV DAW available at below $20k      03/11/06

More Affordable Fairlight

Well, it’s still more than most of us will be able to afford but Fairlight have been in touch to tell us that entry level to the DREAM II family has become more affordable with the popular Satellite-AV available for less than USD $19,000. They say that this price breakthrough has become possible by the introduction of Fairlight’s CC-1 media engine (see our October 9th story) which can deliver up to 230 channels each with 8 bands EQ, 3 stages Dynamics, 192 track recording and editing and well as a complete multi-format mixing system.
Stuart DeMarais, Fairlight Sales and Marketing Director told us, “For the longest time users have aspired to the quality and productivity of a Fairlight system. Until now that commercial advantage has not been available to everybody. CC-1 changes all that. We are now able to deliver all the value in a Fairlight system at literally half the cost – that’s real innovation and progress to be proud of!�
Designed to streamline and simplify the audio for video post-production workflow at a previously unheard-of rate, the DREAM II Satellite-AV provides seamless integration of essential production tools, including non-linear video and low-latency plug-ins. At the heart of the DREAM II Satellite-AV system is the CC-1 engine, which, say Fairlight, provides unprecedented speed, enhanced performance and pristine audio quality.
The entry level DAW offers a 96 channel CC-1 engine with an SX-20 unit (sync I/O plus 12 Analogue outputs, two line level inputs, two Mic/Instrument Inputs, 4 SPDIF inputs and eight SPDIF outputs) plus the Satellite-AV controller. This provides 64 concurrent recording tracks, with up to 96 tracks available for editing and playback. The DREAM II Satellite-AV includes screen-based multi-format mixing (mono to 7.1), a full monitoring matrix, multi format mix busses, dynamic mix automation, clip based automation, a 64 audio bridge to third party VST plug-ins access to sound design tools via Rewire. Additionally, Satellite-AV offers an optional integrated non-linear video system called PyxisTrack.
As Satellite-AV is hosted in a PC, full Windows networking is available and this can be further optimized and accelerated by using Fairlight’s MediaLink AV software. The system can support a massive amount of physical audio I/O if required by specifying a MADI extension card and connecting Fairlight’s SX-48 compact modular I/O units.
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