MI7 Introduces Backing Tracks

Blues, Country, Electro Rock, Funk, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Rock and Slick Pop by BT King available at MI7 Libraries      06/11/06

MI7 Introduces Backing Tracks

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MI7 Libraries has expanded their range of their online sample library with a new category of products - backing tracks – thanks to a collaboration with BT King. From the start there are 8 style sections available. Blues, Country, Electro Rock, Funk, Jazz, Jazz Rock, Rock and Slick Pop.
Here’s what they told us in their own words…
“BT King has your personal musical enjoyment as our number one priority. With fun and musical development in mind, guitarist, composer and music educator Mats Nermark (a.k.a. Journo and the King of Backing Tracks) has set out to create high quality backing tracks with a superior fun factor suitable for musicians at every level. The tracks are very varied both in style and complexity. Everything from a really groovin´ twelve bar blues shuffle to a lot of Steely Dan influenced tracks. You will find chicken picking country tracks as well as some slamming funk grooves. Want some rough rock? No problem! Cool jazz? It’s there! All the tracks come with a chord chart making it easy for you to play along. There’s also a short sound clip with a solo over it to serve as a sample of what can be done with each specific BT. At only €2:- per backing track they are priced to allow everyone the chance to increase their musical depth and width.� Pricing and Availability:
€2 (Euro) per backing track More information:

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