Dream on, You Crazy Diamond.

New Tangerine Dream album is dedicated to Syd Barrett.      14/12/06

Dream on, You Crazy Diamond.
Tangerine Dream try and make do with limited resources at a recent gig.

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Tangerine Dream release a new album in April 2007 entitled Madcaps Flaming Duty. Recorded in Vienna and Berlin during October 2006, the album is dedicated to former Pink Floyd guru Syd Barrett who died in July 2006. The line up for the recording features Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Chris Housle, Bernhard Beibl, Linda Spa, Gynt Beator, Thomas Beator, Iris Camaa, and Vincent Nowak. There are 12 tracks which implies there are no 17 minute opuses and track listing is as follows: Astrophel and Stella
Shape My Sin
The Blessed Damozel
The Divorce
A Dream of Death
Hear The Voice
Lake of Pontchartrain
Mad Song
One Hour of Madness
Hymn To Intellectual Beauty
Solution of All Problems
To celebrate their 40th anniversary, the Dream recorded a concert at the Tempodrom in Berlin. The resulting DVD will also be available in April 2007. April will become a national holiday in Germany (not really!) Check out all things Dream at:

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