Out Of Many Comes One

Manytone release the Manyone sample player with a set of sounds      18/12/06

Out Of Many Comes One

Manytone have announced the release of ManyOne which they tell us is a fully-featured, high quality, sample player which comes with a wide range of sounds intended to form the foundation of every musician’s day to day musical needs.
Manytone say that ManyOne has been designed for one specific task -to make it easy to get a great sound immediately. The sounds come in four categories:
  • electric pianos
  • ensembles
  • organs
  • waveforms (including classic analog waves)
All of the sounds are all selectable from the easy to use sound browser. Most of the sounds were sampled from real classic analog hardware.
The waveforms can be used as they come or some of the synthesis tools can be applied through the simple interface to tweak the sounds. For speed in programming, there is a Sound Wizard with a range of preset synthesizer settings for all purposes.
This extensive range of sounds has then been coupled with a highly efficient low CPU sample playback engine with a powerful FX rack. Like the Sound Wizard, there is an FX Wizard with a range of preset FX settings.The FX rack includes ten units:
  • Tremolo
  • Overdrive
  • Mono Phaser
  • Stereo Phaser
  • Dual Chorus
  • Quad Chorus
  • Mono Flanger
  • Stereo Flange
  • Echo (with three varieties—warm, crush and light)
  • Output Limiter.
All Manytone users get access to a wide range of additional sounds (which will load into ManyOne) in the Manytone FreeZone. Users can also load their own samples (which can be easily mapped using the free ManyMapper utility), and in addition, Wusik and Dash soundsets will show up in the browser.
ManyOne is available in PC VSTi format and Mac AU and VSTi formats (Universal Binary). One license covers both formats.
Pricing and Availability:
ManyOne is available for the special introductory price of $37.95. This introductory price is available until 15 January 2007 when the long term price of $49.95 will be adopted.
ManyOne is available to ManyGuitar users for a special cross-grade price of $29.95. More information:

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