An Easier Way To Cable Studios?

100+ channels on a single cable - FireWire Audio Snake uses DICE II FireWire chip      22/12/06

An Easier Way To Cable Studios?

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Canadian company I/ONE Connects has introduced its Firewire Audio Snakes which they say will save users hours of installation time and hundreds of dollars in wiring costs while giving them a flexible, state of the art, all digital infrastructure. The company believes the snakes are ideal for new facilities or for those that want to, gradually change to RF/EMI worry free, durable fiber optic cabling.
Here’s what they have to say in their own words directly from their press release:
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes make it easy and fast to connect studios, stage to mixer, traveling shows; anywhere you need to transport audio; up to 500 meters/1640 feet in distance. What would normally take hundreds of cables; weeks of planning and installation, can now be done with a single, lightweight fiber optic cable in a matter of hours.
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes come complete with:
  • 4 stereo AES or S/PDIF in AND out.
  • 8 ADAT in AND out.
  • 16 analog in AND out (externally switchable +4/-10).
  • Wordclock in AND out.
  • RS-232 control.
  • Fiber optic and 2 x 9 pin Firewire connectors.
  • Patchbay software for Windows XP.
All in a space saving 1U rackmount unit.
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes are ready for the future with sample rate choices of 44k, 48, 88, 96, 176 or 192k; 24 bit audio with distributed wordclock and control, bi-directionally all on ONE cable.
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes feature the DICEII FireWire chip with JetPLLâ„¢ Jitter Elimination Technology from TC Applied Technologies. It virtually eliminates all audio jitter for the best possible sound; real-time (constant bus latency of 0.35 ms regardless of the number of devices connected) and with defined and accepted Firewire/IEEE1394 audio protocols.
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snakes are mLAN compatible, meaning they can connect to Yamaha mixers with mLAN adaptor cards to easily add to the number and type of I/O’s which can now be located near the source. In addition, the free ASIO mLAN driver allows users to use their favorite DAW application to play/record audio from/to multiple sources/destinations.
I/ONE Firewire Audio Snake software is easy to use, no complex addressing schemes; devices are automatically detected and connections are easily made or changed. In addition the software can be, optionally, client-server based allowing for multiple control points.
Pricing and Availability:
I/ONE Firewire Digital Audio Snake $899 USD
I/ONE Firewire Digital Audio Snake with balanced 16 analog inputs $1299 USD
I/ONE Firewire Digital Audio Snake with balanced 16 analog outputs $1299 USD
I/ONE Firewire Digital Audio Snake with 16 balanced analog inputs and outputs $1699 USD
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