WNAMM07: Be A Broadway Big Band

SONiVOX release new big band virtual instrument      19/01/07
WNAMM07: Be A Broadway Big Band

SONiVOX have announced the release of Broadway Big Band (BBB), produced by Fable Sounds and distributed exclusively by SONiVOX. They say that BBB is an unprecedented and innovative virtual instrument for musicians, composers, and producers looking for a state of the art collection of big band brass, woodwinds and rhythm section instruments.
Here's what SONiVOX have to say in their own words...
Broadway Big Band changes everything. Created not just for big band music, it delivers real sounding woodwind, brass, and rhythm section instruments with unparalleled flexibility for any style of music. Now, for the very first time you can actually be comfortable bringing a sampled Saxophone to the forefront of your mix. It’s that real.
BBB weights in at an astounding 100 Gigabytes and delivers a huge array of big band instrument articulations, velocity layers, multiple takes and multiple mic positions. Moreover, the Broadway Performer performance tool allows users to harness this huge collection in order to get their music to recorded track quickly and easily.
With the release of Broadway Big Band, SONiVOX kicks off its new “Get heard� promotional campaign. Among other things, “Get heard.� will allow musicians and composers to enter songs and tracks that use MUSE and have them posted on the SONiVOX website for world-wide exposure (subject to approval by SONiVOX). Entries will be judged by our in-house panel of sound experts on a periodic basis, and composers of winning entries will receive free products from the SONiVOX catalogue.
Says Yuval Shrem, Co-President of Fable Sounds, “Broadway Big Band addresses a unique segment of the musical instrument market which is not only a personal love of my own, but enjoying a newfound popularity worldwide. Now, for the first time, a library of sounds is available to musicians who not only delight in this music as much as I do, but are eager to use this kind of instrumentation in projects from swing to salsa.�
There’s simply too much in this collection to describe, but some highlights include:
  • 100 Gigabyte Library featuring big band brass (trumpets, trombones), woodwinds (alto, tenor, bari, soprano saxes, clarinet), and rhythm section instruments (upright bass, banjo, ukulele, drumkits, xylophone, Latin percussion)
  • Huge selection of articulations, velocity layers and multiple takes
  • Multiple Microphone Recordings
  • Recorded Note Transitions - every note transition up to Major 9th in both directions
  • Broadway Performerâ„¢ Performance Tool - allowing you to quickly play and select articulations
  • Musical Performance – instruments and performances with character and versatility
Broadway Big Band is both Mac and PC compatible and works in any music software that supports VST, DXi2, AU and Rewire protocols.
About Fable Sounds
Fable Sounds is a new New-York based company dedicated to creating unique and innovative virtual instruments for Broadway and Big Band styling. With its focus on exceptional sound quality and the highest performance standards, Fable Sounds creates products that epitomize realism, efficient workflow and a wide variety of applications. Taken from the Broadway and Big Band traditions, Fable Sounds products serve as universal tools for an array of genres that encompass R&B, hip hop, jazz – virtually anything a professional musician might dream up, from swing to salsa.
Pricing and Availability:
Introductory price of $2295 USD
More information:
  • www.sonivoxrocks.com

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