WNAMM07: Never Break Another Guitar Cable

Snap Jack magnetic guitar jack plugs in action      19/01/07

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Here’s a great idea - guitar cables with magnetic ends that snap off when pulled so, if you are not using a wireless system but still insist on doing those Pete Townsend-style windmills, you won’t break your cable when you trip over it on the way to falling flat on your arse.
Snap-Jack magnets allow for quick separation when cable is subject to excessive tension, reducing the risk of personal injury and damage to your equipment. They are also cool for eliminating amplifier noise during connection/disconnection.
  • Prevents damage to instrument
  • Eliminates amplifier noise during connection/disconnection
  • Prevents tripping
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Sturdy magnet detaches only with excessive tension

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Jaime    Said...

I've been watching several videos on this site for the NAMM show, and this product -video is the COOLEST! Great presentation and to the point!

22-Jan-07 01:40 PM

Peyman E.    Said...


22-Jan-07 07:18 PM

Chris T.    Said...

The video is blurry on my screen, but the voice presentation sounds great! Looking forward to seeing this.

25-Jan-07 01:47 AM

Bryan S.    Said...

Neat! How do I acquire this or possibly a contact number for the product and the lady Diane.

30-Jan-07 10:43 AM

J.W.    Said...

What if it snaps apart and whacks the beautiful finish on your expensive Strat? Ouch...

09-Aug-07 04:32 PM

Scott T.    Said...

Saw this at the Summer NAMM too! Coolest thing and it just made available in the US now.

04-Sep-07 09:04 PM

Andy J.    Said...

Just got back from Winter NAMM 2008. THIS cable is INCREDIBLE! Bought one there and LOVE IT. Switch my guitars with no sound and so simple! GENIUS!

23-Jan-08 08:05 PM

Taylor    Said...

Must have for all guitarists! the coolest thing by far. hot product, hot girl!

16-Feb-08 12:09 AM

Taylor    Said...

Must have for all guitarists! the coolest thing by far. hot product, hot girl!

16-Feb-08 12:09 AM

Mike    Said...

I've never damaged a jack this way. I have stepped on my chord in the middle of a performance and looked like an ass while I fumbled around for my chord to put it back in. That's why you loop it through the strap. I pity the noob who buys this and embarrasses them self repeatedly on stage.

26-Apr-08 12:11 PM

Attila V.    Said...

Must buy one! It is the very best cable what you ever can get! Greetings from Hungary!

02-Aug-10 02:46 PM

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