WNAMM07: New Range Of All-Tube Amps from VOX

Classic Plus range offer classic tones through aggressive high-gain sounds      20/01/07

WNAMM07: New Range Of All-Tube Amps from VOX

VOX Amplification say that they are breaking ground on new sonic territory with the new Classic Plus range of all-tube channel switching amplifiers.
This new EL34-powered series includes the AC100CPH 100-Watt Head, AC50CPH 50-Watt Head and AC50CP2 50-Watt, 2 x 12" Combo, each designed to deliver both classic and modern sounds and tone shaping features via convenient, front-mounted controls.
Based on an EL34-powered tube complement, the Classic Plus amplifiers offer two independent, foot-switchable channels: Channel 1 offers the indelible sounds of the legendary VOX AC30 amplifier and beyond, and Channel 2 offers a lead channel boasting VOX’s highest gain to date, from warm classic rock tones to those suitable for hard rock players seeking more aggressive tones. Channel 1 features the interactive, passive EQ of classic VOX Top Boost amplifiers, along with the famous Tone Cut control which musically rolls off high end frequencies as the volume is increased.
Channel 2 adds increased versatility with a specially-voiced EQ tailored to deliver tones ranging from classic rock and blues to high gain classic metal. Tone shaping controls added to Channel 2 include a Bright Switch for boosting high-mid and upper frequencies at lower gain levels and a Fat Switch which refocuses the guitar’s midrange response for a smoother, creamier gain perfectly suited for lead playing. An independent Presence Control combines the active power amp circuitry with the passive preamp circuitry for added bite and clarity even at the highest gain levels. The Presence Control also acts as a high frequency filter when used at lower settings for sweeter, less aggressive preamp tone.
The new amps offer a high-quality foot-switchable Spring Reverb with level control for each channel, as well as a versatile series FX Loop with selectable level control (approx. +4 dBV and -10 dBV) and true bypass switching. For further connectivity, when the Effects Loop is switched off, the Effects Send remains active and may be used to output signal to another device such as a tuner or additional amplifier.
Direct recording or connecting to a PA can be done via the amp’s balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" DI outputs with switchable speaker emulating Low Pass Filter. The DI output was designed to provide consistent output level that is independent of the amp’s Master Volume control — perfect for recording cranked amp tone during late-night sessions.
Each VOX Classic Plus amp includes the VF002 footswitch.

AC50CPH - Spot the difference...
Pricing and Availability:
AC100CPH 100-Watt Head (4 x 12AX7/ECC83, 4 x EL34B) – $1,650.00 USD available now
AC50CPH 50-Watt Head (4 x 12AX7/ECC83, 2 x EL34B) – $1,450.00 USD available now
AC50CP2 50-Watt, 1 x 12" Combo – $1,750.00 USD available April 2007
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