WNAMM07: Marshall Stack For The Vertically Challenged

Marshall Introduce the Limited Edition Zakk Wylde Microstack      21/01/07

WNAMM07: Marshall Stack For The Vertically Challenged
Zakk Plays Stonehenge - Bring On The Dancing Midgets...

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Marshall Amplification introduces the Limited Edition MG15MSZW Zakk Wylde Microstack.
Marshall founder, Dr. Jim Marshall, OBE, told us, “Zakk is not only a fantastic ambassador for Marshall Amplification but also a great friend of mine. It was over a few whiskeys with Zakk that I came up with the idea of creating a microstack for him and I enjoyed watching my design team customize its finish to fit Zakk’s inimitable image.� Based on the MG15MSII Microstack — Zakk’s longtime practice amplifier of choice — this new signature microstack offers Marshall-size tone in a compact form sharing the unmistakable look of Zakk’s trademark Marshall “Wall of Doom� he uses whenever he plays live.
Measuring a mere 37"H x 15"W x 9"D, the 2-channel (Clean & Overdrive), 15-Watt head powers two 1x10" speaker cabinets, one straight and one slanted, for that classic Marshall stack look. Zakk’s trademark look include bull’s-eye motifs on the front-panel along with authentic TV grill cloth and gold piping, topped off by gold-brushed Marshall logos on the head and speaker cabinets. Controls include Clean Volume, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume and Reverb level, as well as a 3-way EQ network with controls for Bass, Contour and Treble.
The amp features Marshall’s proprietary FDD (Frequency Dependent Damping) circuitry, which accurately mimics the interaction of a tube amp’s power stage with the loudspeakers it is driving. Additionally, the new microstack boasts a CD input, an Emulated Line Out and a Headphone jack that, when used, mutes the speakers, for “silent� practice sessions - a feature, incidentally, that Zakk Wylde never uses!
Zakk told us, “Whenever I’m onstage with Black Label Society I run my Marshall ‘Wall of Doom.’ And whenever I’m warming up backstage or practicing on the bus I plug into my Microstack, which sounds totally slamming.� Pricing and Availability:
The new Marshall Limited Edition MG15MSZW Zakk Wylde Microstack will be available in early 2007 with a U.S. MSRP of $499. More information:

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