WNAMM07: AKG Introduces Latest In-Ear Monitoring System

IVM 4 makes its debut      24/01/07
WNAMM07: AKG Introduces Latest In-Ear Monitoring System

AKG Acoustics have debuted the IVM 4 UHF Wireless In-Ear Monitoring System with integrated dbx digital signal processing. Using the same system expansion components as their WMS 400/WMS 4000 systems, AKG say that the Harman HiQnet-ready IVM 4 System is an optimal tool for audio professionals in the live sound market seeking a high-performance, reliable monitoring solution.
AKG say that the SST 4 is the first all-in-one solution for professional in-ear monitoring and includes an integrated dbx compressor, an equalizer offering a large number of EQ presets and in-ear-optimized binaural room simulations that provides musicians, vocalists and presenters with outstanding high-performance signal processing flexibility for a natural listening experience with more life-like imaging.
The IVM 4 set includes the half-rack sized SST 4 stereo transmitter, a SPR 4 stereo bodypack receiver and pair of IP 2 earphones. The SST 4 stereo transmitter features selectable RF power output up to 100 mW, pre-programmed frequency sets and it accommodates use of up to 14 channels in each of its 30-MHz bands. The complete status display provides immediate monitoring of transmitting frequency, selected RF output power, audio input levels, gain level and all activated sound processing modes.
The SPR 4 bodypack is housed in a rugged magnesium case, and has Auto Setup and Environmental Scan features for finding clean, intermod-free frequencies with ease. With an operating time of up to 7 hours, users can quickly and easily view battery status and RF signal strength on the bodypack’s display. As with AKG’s other wireless microphone systems, the SPR 4 bodypack can be used with rechargeable batteries utilizing the WMS 4000 system’s CU4000 dual-bay charging station for added convenience and economy.
Rounding out the IVM 4 system are the IP 2 earphones, which, say AKG, are designed to provide excellent sound reproduction and maximum isolation from ambient noise.
The IVM 4 system can be equipped with a wide array of system-expanding accessories, making it a truly versatile system. The SPC 4 multi-coupler allows the users to combine antenna signals for up to sixteen SST 4 transmitters. Also available are the SRA 2 W, a wide-band directional antenna and the RA 4000 W, a wide-band omni-directional antenna.
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