New Dual Channel Wireless System

Audio-Technica introduces 1800 Series Dual-Channel Camera-Mount UHF wireless systems      12/02/07

New Dual Channel Wireless System

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Audio-Technica, has introduced the 1800 Series Dual-Channel Camera-Mount UHF wireless systems. Designed for broadcasters and videographers requiring a system for the simultaneous operation of two microphones, A-T say that the new 1800 Series provides an extremely flexible, professional and easy-to-use portable wireless solution.
The 1800 Series provides UHF reception with up to 996 frequencies user-selectable in 25 kHz steps. The ATW-R1820 battery powered, diversity dual receiver, features two completely independent receiver channels in a single unit. Ergonomically designed, this compact and rugged dual receiver easily mounts on a camera. Two balanced outputs enable signals to be mixed, or independently assigned. Independent audio level controls provide flexible audio mixing and monitoring options. Audio-Technica’s automatic frequency scanning feature searches for and selects the best available frequency in the RF spectrum, avoiding interference and intermodulation problems.
The 1800 Series comes equipped with a choice of body-pack and plug-on transmitters. The ATW-T1801 UniPak body-pack transmitter features a professional locking 4-pin connector, compatible with all Audio-Technica Wireless Essentials microphones. The ATW-T1802 plug-on transmitter features a locking XLR connector for adapting wired dynamic and condenser microphones to wireless operation. Both transmitters are powered by two AA batteries and offer selectable high (30 mW) and low (10 mW) transmission modes, to conserve battery life or maximize RF power output.
Additional 1800 Series features include True Diversity operation, Tone Lock squelch, back-lit LCD, soft-touch buttons, headphone monitor output with independent level control, and durable metal construction. Finally, system components of the 1800 Series and 3000 Series Wireless Systems can be used interchangeably, depending on frequency selection.
Pricing and Availability:
All Audio-Technica 1800 Series wireless systems and components will be available in D band version in March, other bands will be available summer 2007.
ATW-1821 Dual Body-pack System: Includes ATW-R1820 dual channel receiver, two ATW-T1801 UniPak™ body-pack transmitters, and two AT899cW lavalier microphones – RRP £999.95 inc VAT.
ATW-1822 Dual Plug-on System: Includes ATW-R1820 dual channel receiver and two ATW-T1802 plug-on transmitters – RRP £999.95 inc VAT.
ATW-1826 Dual System with Body-pack and Plug-on: Includes ATW-R1820 dual channel receiver, ATW-T1801 UniPak™ body-pack transmitter, ATW-T1802 plug-on transmitter, and one AT899cW lavalier microphone – RRP £999.95 inc VAT.
ATW-R1820 Dual Receiver – RRP £599.95 inc VAT.
ATW-T1801 UniPak™ Body-pack Transmitter – RRP £199.95 inc VAT.
ATW-T1802 Plug-on Transmitter – RRP £249.95 inc VAT.
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