Top 20 Greatest Synths Episode One

Love synths? Then you'll love this. Sonics new IPTV show is here at last!      14/02/07

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Top 20 Greatest Synths Episode One

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First off a big, big thanks to everyone that voted in the poll to find the Top 20 Greatest Synths. We have been overwhelmed by the response and we’ve had loads of fun putting the chart together and recording the IPTV show that you’re about to see. We’ve based the chart on the votes that have been coming in plus a bit of poetic license to include some outsiders, underdogs and a few surprises! We know not everyone will be happy with the positioning on the chart, but there’s enough going on in the programmes to keep everyone smiling, so we hope you’ll enjoy them just the same. By the way, this is a hardware only chart - no soft synths were included as we intend to make a show about them sometime next year.But virtuals do get a mention along the way whenever there's an appropriate moment. The show also features a long list of synths that only just missed the chart (we’ve called them Chartgrazers) and a few synths that aren’t even synths but played a big part in the legacy so had to be included (Mellotron, anyone?). There’s also some instruments that have yet to prove themselves but deserved a mention (Like the Oasys and the Phatty for instance). Each of the 8 episodes broadcasted once a fortnight, will be around 10 minutes long and feature 3 chart positions with full length episodes for the number 2 and number 1 slots later in the series. The entire programme will then be posted in the Spring as one contiguous show. There’s also talk of a DVD and some TV interest, too. (we’ll keep you posted on that) The show features a lot of exclusive interviews shot by Sonic and original music and footage you won’t see or hear anywhere else. We’re grateful to everyone who’s been involved and given their time to make this programme into something really special. So enough talk, let’s get on with the show! Top 20 Greatest Synths (episode one) Episode one features the chart positions 20 to 18. Here’s some more info on the 3 synths featured in this episode. <20.The Solina
Kicking off the Top 20 at number 20 it’s the ARP Solina. Produced by Dutch Organ manufacteurer Eminent as a bolt on for their organ range and later snapped up and improved by ARP, the Solina is as much a part of the 1970’s as Skylab, tank tops, Richard Nixon and Starsky & Hutch. Its sounds include horn and trumpet but the string was the thing with its pads and washes appearing on countless anthems during the golden era of disco, jazz-funk and beyond. Hear the full story from The Cure’s Roger O’Donnell and Future Music’s Jack Waterson. <19. Roland SH101>
The first of many Roland’s on the chart is the SH101 in at 19. The grooviest little Japanese monosynth made the most of its single oscillator, but it’s step sequencing just fell short of the mid 80’s MIDI revolution. It was adopted by the ACID fraternity, guest appearing on a raft of early Techno & Rave outings as a soundalike TB303. <18. VCS3 (The Putney)>
It’s Unique. It’s Singular. It’s Iconic. It’s at number 18. This cute little monosynth housed in its distinctive wooden casing has a huge cult following and the significance of the Electronic Music Studios range in synthesizer history is undeniable. Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory and Portishead’s Ade Utley enthuse wildly over this strange box of tricks that’s as British as John Cleese eating Fish’n’chips with HP Sauce. By the way, yes, we know that there are also photos of Synthi A’s and AKS’s in this piece… please don’t email us. (But thanks for caring!) The two Chartgrazers included in episode one are the Korg Oasys and the Casio SK1. People who voted for at least one of the synths in episode one include tatraigabor, bens, brandonfessler, purcelljustin, gf1030, rdurham7, jonkjell, nilo.teixeira, chorazy, rfreifeld, msims, rjelliiffe, jbenton, fishfryer, jballtic, leftism132, bennyg, underworm, celticnorm465 and synthi-a. (and lots of others, too) Episode two will be posted on Sonic in two weeks time and kicks off with a relative youngster, Clavia’s Nord Lead. Enjoy the show! Links


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Acidmeister    Said...


14-Feb-07 11:28 AM

synthgirl    Said...

why isn't this on TV instead of sh*t programs like Celebrity Love Island?

15-Feb-07 03:58 AM

gigsup    Said...

This is freakin GREAT!

I'm with you synthgirl; "why isn't this on T.V...?"

Lovin' it. Keep going.

12-Mar-07 03:29 PM

Hayward    Said...

Moog rhymes with "rogue" you doofus....

11-Apr-07 11:40 PM

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