Roland Announce UK Premiere of V-Synth GT

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre to tickle the keys in London      16/02/07

Roland Announce UK Premiere of V-Synth GT

Roland have been in touch to tell us that Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre is collaborating with Rod Morganstein, the legendary Dixie Dregs drummer, to perform live on stage at Sound Control, Oxford Street, London on Monday April 2nd at 6:30pm, using Roland’s revolutionary new V-Synth GT and the latest in V-Drum technology.
Here’s all the details in Roland’s own words:
Roland announced their new flagship V-Synth GT Synthesizer at NAMM earlier this year. Combining the V-Synth’s famous Elastic Audio Synthesis engine with revolutionary new Articulative Phrase Synthesis technology and never-before-heard sounds, the new V-Synth GT's expression and realism is second to none.
The V-Synth GT is the first synthesizer in the world equipped with AP (Articulative Phrase) Synthesis. This revolutionary form of modelling recreates the ever-changing behaviour, nuance, and sound of an instrument as it's being played. AP Synthesis can use both acoustic and synth waves to create stunningly expressive results, and can be applied for realistic acoustic instrument simulation, as well as sounds never heard before.
By integrating a new dual core V-Synth engine, the V-Synth GT can combine Elastic Audio Synthesis, Vocal Designer Technology and AP Synthesis in real-time. Roland’s proprietary VariPhrase technology is also integrated into the V-Synth GT. Together with its analog-modelling engine, external audio input, and digital sampling architecture, the V-Synth GT provides an incredibly wide and colourful foundation on which to capture, manipulate and create sounds.
Voted ‘Best New Talent’ in the Keyboardist category of the 1994 Keyboard Magazine Reader Poll after the release of his solo album, "Listen," Jordan is the newest member of the group Dream Theater. Jordan has played with guitarist Steve Morse and the legendary Dixie Dregs. He has recorded and toured with guitarist Vinnie Moore, written songs for, and recorded with, singer Annie Haslam (Renaissance) and has recorded tracks with David Bowie. Additionally, he has toured internationally with fellow keyboardist Jan Hammer and renowned drummer Tony Williams, has appeared in concert with Enrique Iglesias, and regularly performs and records with the Grammy award-winning Paul Winter Consort.
Rod Morganstein’s unique, dynamic and musical drumming style won him the ‘Best Progressive Rock Drummer’ award in Modern Drummer Magazine’s Reader Poll, five years in a row (1986-1990) and ‘Best All-round Drummer’ (1999), earning him a permanent position in the magazine’s prestigious ‘Roll of Honour’.
If you want to ensure you’re one of the first in the UK to hear the V-Synth GT, pre-register your place now by emailing Roland. The address is More information:

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