MESSE07: Nord Lead Successor Spotted

Clavia keep it close though      30/03/07

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We heard rumours of a Nord Lead 4 as we approached MESSE time, so off we tromped to the Clavia stand to have a word, and you know what – the rumours are true – although it’s not called the NL4 but the Nord Wave. This is on account of it having greatly extended the oscillator waves with the inclusion of samples as sources. They can be simple waveform samples or multi-samples user or Clavia supplied which are then fed into the NW subtractive synthesis engine and effects. Details are sketchy – we couldn’t get a price yet – but it will be available later this year (May they hope). In the meantime – enjoy the video.
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Gonkulator    Said...

He said two extras: "one being wavetables, and one being samples." I hope that means VS/Waldorf type wavetables, not just a chichen-**** term for multisamples

31-Mar-07 03:17 PM

JACHIN    Said...

what they really need to do is offer a LARGE 512mb -1gb of flash ram , able to take large compact flash cards ( 4gb) and they need to offer a way for users to create their own wavesequences like the Oasys and old wavestation.It i hope will also import s1000 and s6000 akai files.

05-Apr-07 11:23 AM

speckp    Said...

looks good. Not to forget that hopefully Clavia implement the LED rotaries that let you know where your tweaks currently sit...they were very handy on the NL3.

15-Apr-07 07:38 PM

rbr2c    Said...

I own a Nord Stage 76, best keyboard feel and sound set bar none. If the build quality is consistent on the Wave then this will be the next keyboard for me. A Card Slot, More Sample RAM space (1Gig), and a 76 key version option would be sweet. Either way, I'm buying one as soon as they become available. I've gotten nothing but compliments on the NORD products.

16-Jun-07 08:40 AM

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